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We spent a year of family education!

Well, we did it! ! ! ! We officially taught ourselves at home for a whole year! I can’t believe it, guys. like what? ? I? ? how is it? ! But here we are. I am extremely proud! The past year has been terrible. Some days I really feel that I can’t do this anymore, and other days it is the best thing ever. Ups and downs, but the overall feeling now, at this moment, is the last and last day of our first year of homeschooling? So proud! ! we. Done. it. Let us celebrate now! Hello summer! We are ready for you! 😉

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As for next year’s plan: Sophie will go to kindergarten (howwww???) at a Christian school near us, and we will continue to let Sam go to school at home. 🙂 As far as homeschooling is concerned, this fall will be a different experience, because his speech therapy and OT will be face-to-face (praise the Lord!) We are really looking forward to it!

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Ollie (bless him) has always been a good sport. It was great at the beginning of the year because he was still taking a nap in the morning so that we could finish our homework. That early bedtime in the second half of that school year has passed, so we were a little crazy, haha, but we did it! Zack and I will tag the team with the kids, and we will do virtual therapy for Sam. Sometimes Sophie will take Sam’s virtual course, which is really great! He likes competition, which motivates him to work harder!

Pray for guidance and peace every day to let them know what to do in the future. But day by day!

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