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“Weightlifting Goddess” Guo Carries Taiwan’s Olympic Hope

After the 2018 Asian Games, the International Weightlifting Federation re-adjusted the weight class, which means that Guo will lift 59 kg in Tokyo and the Olympic gold medal will complete the Grand Slam championship.

“Everyone wants me to get it. There is pressure, but this is also my motivation not to let everyone down,” Guo told AFP in a telephone interview.

“I feel sad because I hope to win the gold medal in 2016, but I am not doing well,” Guo said.

“At the time I kept thinking that I wanted to win the gold medal. I was too self-conscious and didn’t stay focused.”

Due to the absence of long-time competitor and gold medalist Sukanya Srisurat, Guo’s path became easier because her country, Thailand, was banned from participating in the sport due to multiple doping use.

North Korea, another woman weightlifting The strong will not go to Tokyo due to fear of the coronavirus.

“Competition is the driving force for progress, and unfortunately they cannot participate in the Olympics,” Guo said. “But my goal is the same. My biggest opponent is myself.”

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