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When Adele reunited with her long-lost teacher, she shed tears of joy-National

Reunited on stage with a teacher she had never met, she won a Grammy Award-winning singer Adele Weeping because the couple reunited face to face for the first time in more than 20 years.

The touching moment happened in the concert special program pre-recorded by ITV, Adele’s audience, Aired in the UK on Sunday night. (You can watch the video in the embedded tweet below.)

At the star-studded event, Hollywood actor Emma Thompson stood up and asked the 33-year-old Adele if anyone in her past played an important role in her life.

“When you were young, did anyone support you, inspire you, or…protect you from all the trials and tribulations of life, and inspire you to move on?” the actor asked.

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The singer shared that her high school English teacher, Ms. MacDonald, really inspired her love of language and helped shape her lyrical writing talent.

“She is so cool. So attractive,” Adele added, sharing that McDonald’s often wears sequins and gold bracelets and likes to lead street dances in the school cafeteria.

“She really makes us care, and we know she cares about us.”

When McDonald’s emerged from the crowd and stepped onto the stage, winning the cheers of the audience, the pop singer burst into tears.

Adele and Miss McDonald shed a few tears when they reunited on stage.

Adele and Ms. McDonald shed a few tears when they reunited on stage.

Courtesy / ITV via Twitter

“I’m proud of you,” McDonald said, and the two embraced and shared a short but sweet reunion.

“Now I have to make my face all over again,” the star said with a smile, wiping away tears.

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“I’m glad you are here,” Adele told McDonald’s as he hugged and said goodbye. “When you were a teacher, I still kept all of my books.”

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Later, she shared her joy with fans and posted the night’s news on Twitter.

“Home, sweet home. I have always dreamed of being with the audience… in the room with love for each other, it feels like a performance! Everyone is making noise and applauding! My teacher, Ms. McDonald’s, is there, then It’s heaven,” she shared. End a tweet with a heart emoji.

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The event was held in Palladium, London earlier this month. The attendees included Beyoncé, Dualipa, Idris Elba, Samuel Jackson, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Naomi Campbell, Emma Watson and the singer’s boyfriend and mother, Reporter.

Adele just released her latest album, 30, This month, it captured nearly 60.7 million streams on its website The first available day on Spotify.

Spotify announced last weekend that after Adele tweeted to the service that the tracks will be played in the order chosen by the artist, it will remove the random play button as the default option when playing artist albums.

The singer said on Twitter: “We will not elaborate albums in our track list for no reason.”

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“Our art tells a story, and our story should be listened to according to our intentions. Thank you Spotify for listening.”

The streaming service replied: “Anything suits you.”

Spotify spokesperson Tell BBC News This feature “has been requested by users and artists for a long time.”

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