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When I gave her snacks, my dog ​​bit me!

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Do you kindly share a bite of your food with your dog, or entertain her for a great job, just to make her bite your finger?

I have realized that there are several ways to prevent this from happening, and this is only part of the problem related to training or self-control.

Why do puppies grab food

When I gave Cow and Matilda snacks on the kitchen counter, Cow always took her gently with the softest mouth, and Matilda caught it like a shark.

When I was standing, I could always feel those small teeth, and I didn’t lower it to her level.

When she had to stand on her hind legs to get the snack, when she reached for the snack, she lost her balance and she couldn’t help but grab it.

If I remember to put the snack closer to the ground so that she can get it without standing, she will be in a more relaxed position and she won’t need to grab it.

Appropriate treatment of distribution

Grasp your dog with pliers with your thumb and index finger. This is a sure way. Your fingertips are surrounded by snacks, and it may be difficult for her to see the end of the snacks and the beginning of your fingers.

To avoid being bitten, give your dog something to eat when you open your upward hand. When she removes the snacks from your flat palm, her chances of biting are greatly reduced.

Train your dog to treat politely

Sometimes you may still need to give your dog snacks in a way that promotes the bite.

You can encourage gentle acceptance of snacks by pulling away the snacks or turning your hands, so that your dog cannot get snacks when they are over-enthusiastic.

To do this, you need to keep an eye on her to predict when she will snatch the snacks. When they are eager to catch it, you can usually tell them in your dog’s body language.

You can also practice hiding snacks in your hands so that your dog must use his tongue to remove them from your hands.

Teach kids to eat snacks

As you can see, preventing the dog from biting your hand when you give it to the dog is more about serving snacks than courtesy.

If you have children, ask them to treat them with open flat palms at the dog’s eye level.

You can also try larger snacks or even sprinkle the snacks on the floor for fun parties. Spreading snacks is a great way to allow your dog to get rich rewards for outstanding performance, and it is a simple way to give them some mental stimulation.

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