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Wing Luke received part of the $2.7 B donation

Mackenzie Scott

MacKenzie Scott announced on June 15th that she will donate US$2.7 billion to 286 organizations dedicated to promoting equity, reducing poverty, and promoting education and the arts.

The Wing Luke Museum in Seattle is one of the beneficiaries of Scott’s latest round of donations-she has donated $8.5 billion since July 2020.

Scott was married to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and ranked 22nd on the Bloomberg Global Rich List. She made the gift with Dan Jewett, a chemistry teacher at Lakeside School in Seattle, and she recently married her.

“The Wing Luke Museum is deeply honored for the extraordinary donation of MacKenzie Scott and Dan Jewett,” said a post on Wing Luke’s Facebook page. “This donation not only reflects the recognition, affirmation and investment in the strong work we have done with community members, but also our trust and confidence in determining the best impact of this grant to advance our mission and work. “

Other Pacific Northwest organizations that have received donations include Renton Institute of Technology, the Oregon Arts and Cultural Recovery Program, and the Western States Federation of Arts.

In a blog post on the Medium website, Scott wrote: “Art and cultural institutions can change space, cultivate empathy, reflect community identity, promote economic mobility, improve academic performance, reduce crime and improve Mental health strengthens communities. So we evaluated smaller art organizations that create these benefits along with artists and audiences from culturally rich areas and identity groups that donors often overlook.”

She added: “We have chosen to provide organizations with relatively large gifts… both to enable them to work and to show trust and encouragement to them and others… These people have spent years successfully advancing humanitarian goals. , But often don’t know if they will have money in their bank accounts in two months.”

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