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WTF: What is the future of podcasting-one thing you must do to promote the disruptive strategy with Charlene Li

in Episode 3 of WTF: What is the future, I am with someone who has had a profound impact on my life, Li Xia LinFor those who don’t know, Charlene is my partner and mentor for the Altimeter Group for nine years. Together, we help pioneer research in traditional companies and startups flourish in the era of digital Darwinism. Long before we became partners, she was inspired by Forrester’s work and the book co-authored with Josh Bernoff, Earth swelling.

I invited Charlene on the show to talk about her latest book, Subversive mentality, why some organizations transform while others fail.

To be competitive, innovation alone is not enough-you must develop a disruptive growth strategy, and develop a plan to identify and seize opportunities. This is something that others do not have the guts or confidence to fight for. Disruptors don’t just mess things up-they also create and build things that can bring huge, positive changes.

This book will help you build your own subversive thinking.

What is “a” subversive strategy, and it should be the core of everything you do?

This is simple, but very difficult.

Focus on your future consumers, not your current consumers.

It’s easy to say, but very difficult to say.

When you expect and say: “This will be the customer that will drive our future growth, so I will make these decisions to reach them”, then you really start to release the real disruption. How do you disrupt your market?

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