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Xueer and the National Disaster Preparedness Center cooperate to donate mobile vaccine clinics

Xueer and the National Disaster Preparedness Center cooperate to donate mobile vaccine clinics

In the first few days alone, the mobile clinic has received 378 COVID-19 vaccines and tests. More than 54.7% of New York City residents have been vaccinated, and the city has made great progress in combating the epidemic—but there is still much work to be done.

As New York City has shown, “Strong enough“In order to recover from the pandemic, Columbia University’s Irving Redline He Xueer announced the donation of COVID-19 testing and vaccination buses to the United States New York City Health + Hospital Test and track troops. CherCares Epidemiological Resources and Response Fund cooperates with Columbia University National Disaster Preparedness Center and Child Health Fund, donated gifts will provide mobile testing and vaccination for young people and families in various communities in New York City Where the demand is greatest.

Redlener and Cher co-founded CherCares and is currently responsible for Epidemic Resources and Response Plan At the National Disaster Preparedness Center of Columbia University, he emphasized important new plans and partnership with Cher: “From the beginning of our work together, Cher clearly hopes to do something important to help people who are vulnerable to COVID-19. Especially those living in marginalized communities [personal protective equipment] Even basic medical care is challenging. In this crisis, her personal donation of $1 million helped thousands of highly vulnerable people. “

“If someone is’strong enough,’ it is the people of this city,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “The more New Yorkers who are vaccinated and protect each other, the closer we will get out of this pandemic and return to the people and activities we love. I thank CherCares and Columbia University’s National Disaster Preparedness Center for their support.”

The mobile home testing and vaccination center was launched in Harlem, along with an additional $141,000 donation from CherCares to support the operation of Test & Trace Corps. This bus is the largest in Test & Trace Corps’ motor fleet of more than 70 units, and the first bus to provide testing and vaccinations for New Yorkers.

“I feel very fortunate to be able to do my best to ensure that children and families in New York City-my second home-can enter the community by directly entering the community, and hope this will encourage more New Yorkers to join and keep themselves and them My neighbor is safe,” Cher said. “Dr. Redlener and I are grateful to work with New York City and Mayor De Blasio to provide this service to anyone for free and reach as many people as possible.”

The Mobile Home Testing and Vaccination Center provides standard PCR COVID-19 testing and rapid antigen COVID-19 testing, the results are returned within 15 minutes, and the approved COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine is administered. All families with children 4 years and older are encouraged to get in the car for testing, and all New Yorkers 12 years and older can get the COVID-19 vaccine, regardless of their immigration status or insurance coverage. The service is provided free of charge and no appointment is required.

Watch an interview with Cher and Dr. Redlener on MSNBC.

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