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1 in 153 U.S. workers is an Amazon employee

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  • The company stated in its latest earnings report that Amazon has 950,000 employees in the United States.
  • According to the BLS, the United States has a population of 261 million and a non-agricultural labor force of 145 million.
  • The number of people working for Amazon exceeds the number of people employed in the entire residential construction industry.
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Amazon has surpassed So far, 2021 sales are 221 billion U.S. dollars (3.2 trillion rand), Only show How huge Since Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) was founded in 1994, the company has become.

The company stated in its latest financial report that the e-commerce giant now has 1.3 million employees worldwide, of which 950,000 are in the United States.

According to the latest employment report in the United States, there are 145.8 million non-agricultural workers In the total population 332 million.

This means that 1 in every 350 Americans works at Amazon, or 1 in every 153 American employees.

There are more people working at Amazon than in the entire U.S. Residential construction, Responsible for 873,000 jobs.

Even with its large scale, Amazon still lags far behind Wal-Mart, the largest private employer in the United States, which employs nearly 1.6 million people in the United States, accounting for one-91th of the total number of workers.

Although there may be more people working at McDonald’s than Amazon or Walmart — the fast food brand is estimated to have more than 2 million people worldwide — the company mainly operates on a franchise model, so it has fewer than 50,000 direct employees in the United States.

In addition to Amazon’s size, its decision to implement a company-wide minimum wage of $15 (R219) has had a measurable impact on the communities in which it does business.It also has Forcing other big employers to follow suit.

In May, Amazon announced plans to recruit 75,000 delivery and logistics workers with a starting salary of $17 (R248) And a possible $1,000 (R14,600) bonus.

But last month, a report in The New York Times found that Amazon Turnover rate of around 150% Of hourly employees, leading some executives to worry about running out of employable employees in the United States.

In other words, with so many current and former Amazonians in the United States, you are likely to know people who have worked there.

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