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12 people accused of being linked to a drug cartel

SEATTLE-Acting US Attorney Tessa M. Gorman announced on June 30 that 12 people, including Viet Phi Nguyen, a 34-year-old Seattle native, were detained after being arrested in the second round of an investigation involving armed drug trafficking. The follow-up action to withdraw the lawsuit on April 7, 2021 involved 24 defendants.

Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz said: “Not only are there dozens of suspects on the street, but there are also no dangerous narcotics, including fentanyl pills and the tools to make them. Our community Fentanyl has been severely damaged by the recent increase in the death toll of fentanyl, and continues to be devastated by ongoing gun violence. The Seattle Police Department (SPD) is convinced that these joint efforts have saved lives, and we are very pleased with the months of hard work by police officers and partners It paid off.”

In the most recent arrest, the police seized 48 guns, 2 kilograms of cocaine, 2 pounds of methamphetamine, thousands of fentanyl pills and two illegally grown cannabis plants. In addition, US$120,000 in cash was seized.

The June 30 arrest and search involved people from the FBI, DEA, SPD, Homeland Security Investigation, Pierce County Sheriff’s Office, King County Sheriff’s Office, Valley Special Police, Kent Police Department, alcohol, tobacco, guns and explosives, and narcotics /Currency Bureau team/Firearms K9 supports from Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, US Customs and Border Protection, Centralia Police Department, Auburn Police Department, Renton Police Department, King County Sheriff’s Office, and Tacoma Police Department.

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