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12 ways to celebrate Earth Day

April 22 is Earth Day. Although we don’t have to commemorate Mother Earth on this day, it is a good reminder to remind all of us to do our part and express our love and gratitude for everything the green planet gives us every day. Today’s post includes 12 simple ideas for celebrating Earth Day. So keep reading.

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Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970. Since then, 22 million Americans and more than 1 billion people from 93 countries have participated in this annual event. According to USEPA (U.S. Earth Protection Agency) EPA was established on December 2, 1970. At that time, people paid more and more attention to environmental pollution, aiming to integrate various federal research, monitoring, standard setting and law enforcement activities into An institution to ensure environmental protection.You can read Here Want more information.

This year is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! According to a report from, the Biden administration has decided to hold a global climate summit on Earth Day 2021. Since 1970, many important environmental events have occurred on Earth Day, including the recently signed Paris Agreement, because Earth Day is still an important event and a unified day every year.You can read Here Want more information.

So is there a way for us to do little things to help our planet? Yes it is! Here are 12 simple ways to remember and celebrate Earth Day this month and every day.

12 easy ways to celebrate Earth Day

  1. Recycle, reuse and reduce

We have heard of this since we were young, but are we doing our part every day? Do we consciously reduce the waste of our carbon footprint, reuse it to the best of our knowledge and ability, and recycle everything as much as possible? Ideas include setting up recycling bins in our homes and using paper bags or reusable bags for shopping instead of plastic water bottles.

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2. Use your green thumb

Plant plants! It can be as simple as having your own kitchen garden, planting a fruit tree in our backyard or planting trees nearby as part of a community effort.

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3. Energy saving

The earth is rich and rich, and it can satisfy our needs, but it cannot satisfy our greed. Protecting the earth’s natural resources may include the use of energy-saving light bulbs, cycling or shared travel (HOV-High Passenger Vehicles), water saving in showers and toilets, controlled or scheduled sprinkler systems in the yard, and attention to saving electricity. We Water and gas for home and work.

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4. Pick up our pet

This is a simple but important way to save Mother Earth. Do you know that these wastes will eventually pollute our watershed and possibly cause water pollution? Pick it up after your pet and always remember to put the poop bag in the trash can.

5. Do not litter

It goes without saying. Do not throw garbage or used materials outdoors. If you see anything nearby, please clean it up immediately. On windy days or stormy nights, garbage may leak or dump, so please be extra vigilant. Always always clean up.

6. Use green products

Sometimes we do not realize that the daily cleaning products we use may be harmful to the environment. Did you know that washing a car at home can cause water pollution? Yes, using soap or foam in our driveway, or unnecessary use of chemicals in our yard may be washed into our local water shed, causing pollution. Solutions include not using additional fertilizers or herbicides or using environmentally friendly products in our yard, and washing the car with only water or washing in the car wash. Use environmentally friendly green household products as much as possible to clean and beautify your home.

7. Reduce pollution

Each of us can help reduce pollution. Through planning and review, air, land and water pollution can be greatly reduced. All this pollution is caused by humans, and we must take measures to reduce or reverse the negative impact we have already caused on the planet. We need to leave the planet for future generations, which means not taking it for granted, always picking up trash and reducing our carbon footprint on the planet.

8. Be part of the big thing

In addition to doing your part as an individual, family or community, you must also be part of the community and have a global impact. Join a local green organization, such as a botanical garden or nature reserve. Support the habitat of native flora and fauna, and become part of the big thing by joining any plan or activity that contributes to nature.

9. Spread awareness

In addition to knowing and doing, we can also help spread awareness. Read about current conditions affecting our ecosystem and spread awareness through word of mouth, running local chapters, or donating to national organizations. There are many activities to participate in in state parks and national parks across the United States, allowing you to make a difference.

10. Have a say

We all have the right to speak and choose. First listen to the sound the earth requires-use your senses to see, listen, touch, feel and taste the earth. I mean-if you look closely, you might find something that you can use your voice to spread awareness and guide people to help us live on the planet.

11. Involve the next generation in the effort

Involve your children (and grandchildren) in the care and care of our planet. Invite them and lead them to participate in activities and organizations that can affect them. In turn, they will lead it forward.

12. Choose carefully

Where do your products come from? Can the material be reused instead of filling up the landfill. Is the box biodegradable? Is the company or store you buy regularly environmentally friendly? Do some research before making a choice, and do your best to always choose green instead of ease, habit, comfort, or even money. Every small step we take is important!

wrap up

All in all, as Earth Day approaches on April 22, let us all take small steps to start or continue to take care of Mother Earth. I wrote about 12 simple ways to recognize and appreciate our planet because of what we get every day. Reduce, recycle, reuse, plant, protect, and take steps to help reduce air, water and land pollution through the right choices, and use your voice to spread awareness. These are all simple ways to celebrate Earth Day in 2021.

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Dear readers, we would be happy to hear from you. What practices do you follow to help take care of our green planet? Which do you like best and why? You can comment below or send an email to

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