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13 Italian Phrases and Sayings That Describe Happiness

While happiness encompasses various definitions and remains highly subjective, one thing is for sure, it is the most powerful emotion, one that truly makes life shine. That’s why, in moments of overwhelming joy, having a collection of Italian phrases and sayings about happiness becomes invaluable for expressing how happy you are.

In this article you will discover the most popular happiness-filled phrases in Italian. Whether it is an infectious exclamation “I’m very happy!” or “the wisdom ofHappy heart, God helps you,” which basically reminds us that a positive attitude attracts good things in life, these are the phrases you need in your Italian happiness vocabulary.

Italian phrases and sayings about happiness

be happy

Be happy

I’m very happy is the most basic happiness phrase in Italian. It allows you to express your feelings without any fancy twists and turns, just straight up joy! It’s also very easy to use because it doesn’t change whether you’re male or female.

I’m grateful to have a job that allows me to travel and discover new cultures.

I’m grateful to have a job that allows me to travel and discover new cultures.

be happy

feel happy

like I’m very happyphrase I am very happy is another simple Italian expression related to happiness. However, the main difference between them is the intensity of the emotions they convey.Without delving into the intricacies of philosophy, consider I’m very happy Like fireworks of joy, I am very happy More like a satisfied nod. Oh, it does vary by gender.

I’m glad you like it.

I’m glad you like it.

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Be enthusiastic

feel excited

we use I am enthusiastic Express our desire, joy, and positive energy about a particular situation, idea, or experience.and don’t let -A The ending lies to you; although a feminine form is suggested, the expression remains the same regardless of gender.

Maria is always happy to attend dance classes.

Maria is always a pleasure to attend her dance classes.

In seventh heaven

On cloud nine

This Italian expression is used to describe a state of deep happiness or euphoria. seventh heavenwhen literally translated into English, means seventh heaven. The concept originated in the Middle Ages, when the universe was believed to be composed of ascending heavens, culminating in the abode of Almighty God. Among these heavens and earth, only the first seven heavens can be touched by humans. The seventh heaven symbolizes the closest to God and therefore the pinnacle of supreme joy.

He was literally ecstatic when they announced that his song was number one on the charts.

He was really happy when he learned that his song was on the charts.


above the moon

This is another common phrase used to describe that feeling of being so ridiculously happy that you inevitably smile. It literally means “crazy with joy,” and aptly describes the rush of happiness that surges inside you.

I was ecstatic to think that I would soon be able to see my loved ones again.

I was ecstatic to think that soon I would be able to see my loved ones again.

feels good.Cute young woman feeling happy and looking excited

Touch the sky with your fingers

walking on air

Italian toccare Look at the sky with your fingers translate Touch the sky with your fingers in English. We use it to describe a moment of great success, deep joy, or remarkable achievement, where we feel as if we are on top of the world and have reached the highest possible point. The sky is often associated with divinity, so when we use this expression it means that we have achieved the maximum of what we could have hoped for.

When he proposed to me, I felt so happy that I felt like I could touch the sky with my fingers.

When he proposed to me, I felt so happy that I felt like I could float in the air.

as happy as easter

be as happy as possible

This Italian expression translates to as happy as easter And provide another way to convey great joy and happiness. You may be wondering why Easter is used instead of Christmas, which is generally considered the happiest holiday. Well, Easter is an important Christian holiday that marks the resurrection of Jesus.Therefore, this sentence as happy as easter It implies that your happiness is comparable to the feeling of rebirth.

Marco was overjoyed when he received the news of his promotion.

When Marco got the news of his promotion, he couldn’t contain his joy.

with god

feels good

This is another Italian expression that refers to the divine to describe a state of bliss.Literally translated as with god yes like god, which is like saying that everything is going very well and we are experiencing the peak of joy and tranquility. This expression is mostly used for casual chats with friends and family, it also conveys the idea of ​​looking great.

I love her and I get along great with her.

I love her and it feels great to be with her.

Congratulations!Two happy women in graduation gowns hugging and smiling while two men stand in the background

Jump with joy

Jump with joy

When good things happen, you can also sigh I jumped with joyemphasizing that you are so happy that you can’t help but jump up and celebrate!

The kids jumped with joy when they found out we were going to Disneyland!

The kids jumped with joy when they found out we were going to Disneyland!

Walk three meters off the ground

walking on air

Imagine a moment of such pure joy that it feels like you are floating above the ground.In Italian, to capture this feeling metaphorically, you would say I walk three meters above the groundliterally meaning “Walking three meters above the ground”. For fans of Italian literature and cinema, Federico Moccia’s romantic story “Tre metri sopra il cielo,” later adapted into a film by Luca Lucini, sparked a similar expression: Standing three meters above the sky (Three meters from the sky).

After passing the exam he dreaded, he felt as if he were ten feet off the ground and a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

After passing the exam, he was so scared that he felt like he was walking on thin ice and a weight was lifted from his shoulders.

Don’t be in awe

will be very excited

Don’t be in awe is an Italian idiom used to describe a feeling of extreme happiness and excitement about an upcoming event or situation.Literally translated as not in your skin yes”Skin that doesn’t belong to you,” which metaphorically illustrates the idea that our arousal is so intense that our skin seems too restrictive to contain it.

I can’t wait, I’m finally going to Mexico tomorrow!

I can’t hold back my excitement, I’m finally going to Mexico tomorrow!

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gloating, ecstatic

The verb “gonolare” is used in casual conversation to describe a deep sense of happiness and satisfaction caused by something that enhances a person’s vanity and self-esteem or creates a pleasant situation. But be careful, as it can also have negative connotations if used in context of someone openly enjoying someone else’s misfortune.

You should have seen how happy she was when they told her she was going to be the star of the show.

You should have seen how happy she was when they told her she was going to be the star of the show.

Happy heart, God helps you

God helps the heart to be content

Let’s wrap up this list of top Italian phrases and sayings about happiness with a delightful saying that evokes divine mercy and cosmic blessings: My heart rejoices, God helps you. What this sentence emphasizes is that if you embrace life with a happy and positive attitude, you are more likely to receive help or blessings from the universe!

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