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25 articles about everything you need to know about PPC and online advertising

When you run a small business, it is very likely that digital marketing was not initially one of your skills. But in today’s environment, leading a business means that you must dabble in various strategies to succeed. Therefore, although you may be the CEO of your own company, you are also the CMO, CTO, sales, human resources, and customer service director.

PPC and online advertising are part of any comprehensive and high-performance marketing strategyThey are essential for participation at the top of the funnel, but this does not mean that they do not have a very steep learning curve.

You may be able to learn more about digital marketing, but who has the time to learn a lot of courses? On the contrary, we think you might like some roundups of resources for PPC and managing online advertising. See the 25 best articles on the subject below. enjoy!

Does your PPC strategy drive traffic to your website? Learn how to track the success of your PPC campaign by linking it to your Google Analytics.

You can’t do all this. If you delegate your PPC strategy to another team member, here is how to track how they are doing.

Don’t waste time tracking BS indicators. We have outlined all the metrics that you should not give at the time of day.

The first part of a three-part series focuses on making the most of your budget so that you don’t waste valuable advertising funds.

Landing pages can be very effective, but there is a lot to keep in mind when using them strategically. The second part of our three-part series focuses on how to use landing pages in your PPC activities.

The last part of our three-part series is about measuring the return on your PPC advertising. Fasten your seat belt; this is a good one.

Avoid the biggest advertising mistakes by identifying them in advance. Here are seven other brands we have seen that you will want to make sure to avoid.

It is always more important to focus on your own strategy, but you can get a lot of information from the behavior of your competitors. This is a step-by-step guide for analyzing competitors’ PPC strategies.

Are you a perfectionist? Well, you don’t have to want to deploy an incredibly good PPC strategy. In this blog post, we analyzed the perfect PPC campaign strategy.

PPC strategies can be expensive, and not every small business has a large advertising expenditure budget. Here are some tips to make the most of your budget, no matter how small.

Are you considering outsourcing your PPC strategy? If so, you need to make sure to review your choice before making a choice. These seven questions will ensure that you choose the right one.

There are many different types of online advertising options, so it’s important to understand what you’re dealing with. This blog post details the advantages and disadvantages of using search campaigns and display campaigns.

Advertising to people whose search intent is consistent with the products you sell is more beneficial to you, right? This blog post details the entire content of Google’s customer intent audience so that you can make the most of the Google Display Network.

Advertising online is a gamble. Sometimes you see huge rewards, and sometimes… there is nothing. Check out this blog post for some key insights on when to take risks and when to proceed with caution.

No longer postpone paid advertising. This is why your small business can benefit from it now.

Even if you are not a copywriter, that doesn’t mean you can’t write great ad copy.

As mentioned earlier, there are many different types of online advertising. Here are some popular methods that can be considered for your business (or your customer’s business).

Repositioning is a great way to convert potential customers who were once considered “lost forever.” Here are some tools to help you take advantage of lost potential customers.

Here’s a brief introduction to Google’s responsive search ads and why they are great for advertisers.

No one likes to refuse. When you spend a lot of time and money creating an ad, the last thing you want to see is to be rejected instead of posted. When creating online ads, make sure to avoid these six mistakes.

We hope you find these articles helpful when you browse the PPC waters. We know this can be a little overwhelming, so please feel free to read our blog carefully for additional resources to help you in this process. good luck!

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