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25 memorable groups of TV friends you want to join

First lady Eleanor Roosevelt said: “Many people will come and go in your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.” This sentiment sums up our feelings about precious friends— —Real and fictitious friends we fell in love with on TV.Who doesn’t want to hang out in Central Perk and have a cup of coffee with your friends friends? Of course, you can always spend a fun-filled evening with the ladies Sex and the city.

To celebrate the joy of the circle of friends, Stacker Thought it would be fun to do a slideshow on an unforgettable TV friend group. Therefore, we carefully read the most popular TV shows and compiled a list of 25 shows, each series arranged in chronological order according to the premiere date.

Whether you have seen it or not gossip Girl Expose mystery bloggers or wait to see Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer do nothing in New York every week, you will be happy to click on our slides. After traveling along the road of memory with your friends, pick up the remote control to spend a night with your favorite friend.

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Bateman/Getty Images

‘happy time’

-IMDb User Rating: 7.4
-Broadcast time: 1974-1984

happy time It is a comedy dating back to the 1950s, involving a group of friends including Richie, Potsie, Ralph and Fonzie. The show was created by Garry Marshall. The protagonists are Howard and Marion Cunnigham, who use their wit and ingenuity to navigate the turbulence of the children’s teenage years. Fonzie, played by Henry Winkler, is one of the most memorable and coolest characters in the show. Her colors go beyond conventional boundaries and push the gang to a comfortable range. outer.

“Three Companies”

-IMDb User Rating: 7.5
-Broadcast time: 1976-1984

Three companies It is a groundbreaking comedy that tells the story of two single women and a clumsy single man living together in apartment 201, when co-educational life had not yet appeared on TV. Based on Chrisman’s novel of the same name, Three companies John Ritter played Jack Tripper, Susanna Summers played Chris Snow, and Joyce DeWitt played Janet Wood.


-IMDb User Rating: 7.9
-Broadcast time: 1982-1993

Cheers It is a comedy set in the former Bull & Finch bar in Beacon Hill, Boston, and it illuminates the friendship in the nearby bar. Bar owner Sam and his staff were involved in the lives of customers including cheers Norm, Cliff, Frasier and Lilith, and fans enjoyed the 11 seasons of laughter. Kirstie Alley, Ted Danson, Kelsey Grammer, Woody Harrelson, Rhea Perlman and Shelley Long are among the cast of the show.

“Golden Girl”

-IMDb User Rating: 7.9
-Broadcast time: 1985-1992

Blanche, Dorothy, Rose and Sophia are Golden girl, A magical and crazy series showing the friendship of the golden you know Queen Elizabeth is a fan Show and that Brandon Tatikov of NBC Is this concept based on his warm and friendly observation of his aunt and neighbors?

A different world
Lynn Goldsmith/Corbis/VCG via Getty Images
Lynn Goldsmith/Corbis/VCG via Getty Images

“A Different World”

-IMDb User Rating: 6.9
-Broadcast period: 1987-1993

A different world The shade Denise Huxtable comes from Cosby Show When she was away from her family at Hillman College. The show is of great significance to black audiences because Dennis and her friends-Dwayne, Jarissa, Maggie, Ron, and Whitley-have adapted while learning to deal with racial, political and social issues. College life.

‘Saved by the bell’

-IMDb User Rating: 7.0
-Broadcast period: 1989-1992

do you know Saved by the bell used to be Original name When does the bell ring? Bayside High School is the scene of this popular show with six friends: Kelly, Jesse, Lisa, Scream, Slater, and Zach. (A kind Reboot from Peacock is currently in progress.)

“Song Fei’s True Story”

-IMDb User Rating: 8.8
-Broadcast period: 1989-1998

Song Fei It is a popular TV show set in New York, about the friendship between comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his quirky circle of friends composed of Elaine, George, and Kramer. The show amused the audience by finding a sense of humor in the absurdity of the most mundane moments in life.


-IMDb User Rating: 7.4
-Broadcast period: 1991-2006

Hooligans It is an animated children’s TV series centered on the jokes and adventures of a group of talkative children.Fans love it Episode 172 See the world through the eyes of a baby originally composed of Tommy, Angelica, Chucky, Susie, Phil, and Lil.

Warner Bros. Television/Getty Images


-IMDb User Rating: 8.9
-Broadcast period: 1994-2004

friends It tells the story of Monica and Rose brothers and sisters and their mutual friends Chandler, Joey, Phoebe and Rachel. Whether they gather together in an apartment or in Central Perk, observers love to watch these friends meet through moments of tears, love, and laughter.Do you know the original name of this show used to be Insomnia cafe Or the actors negotiate together In the end, each episode uses $1 million per episode?

“Hi, Arnold!”

-IMDb User Rating: 7.6
-Broadcast period: 1996-2004

Hey Arnold! It is a Nickelodeon animated cartoon that tells the story of a group of fourth-grade students groping in the city life of Hillwood. The show’s friend group includes Arnold, Helga, Gerrard, Phoebe, Harold, Eugene, Rhonda and Sid.

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‘Sex and the City’

-IMDb User Rating: 7.1
-Broadcast period: 1998-2004

Sex and the city Follow four friends in their 30s-Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha-on a cruise in the life of the big world appleThis sensational series explores the challenge of finding love in New York City and the fun of four best friends riding the roller coaster of life in high fashion and drama.

“That 70s Show”

-IMDb User Rating: 8.0
-Broadcast period: 1998-2006

If you grew up in the era of stockings and tanning, The show from the 70s Take you on a nostalgic journey. At its center is a circle of six teenage friends — Donna, Eric, Fiss, Hyde, Jackie, and Kelso — they unite in Eric’s basement and still use rabbits. They had a difficult time in high school while the ears were fixed.

“Freaks and Geeks”

-IMDb User Rating: 8.8
-Broadcast time: 1999-2000

Freaks and geeks It may have only lasted a single season of 18 episodes, but it won an Emmy Award because it saw life through the eyes of two siblings Lindsay and Sam and their eclectic and embarrassing friends at William McKinley High School. Its success is due in part to its honest and humorous depiction of the pain of maladjustment.

Jean-Paul Aussenard/WireImage/Getty Images


-IMDb User Rating: 7.2
-Broadcast time: 2000-2008

girlfriend The audience was introduced to the friendship of four black girlfriends while exploring interpersonal relationships, careers and lives. Joan, Maya, Toni and Lynn have worked together for more than 170 episodes and often quarreled, which opened the door to the world and allowed them to see their struggles and victories in an honest and lovely way.


-IMDb User Rating: 8.3
-Broadcast period: 2001-2010

Scrub It is a popular medical comedy that provides a surprising source of entertainment for fans who cannot fully understand the behind-the-scenes life of the fictional Sacred Heart Hospital staff. The show gave the audience a glimpse through the eyes of medical intern John “JD” Dorian as he learned about medicine and life together with other interns, doctors and nurses.

‘The oc’

-IMDb User Rating: 7.5
-Broadcast period: 2003-2007

The oc Is a hit show fox Then a group of wealthy teenagers living in Newport Beach, California. When Ryan and Seth tried to integrate into the elite circle of friends in Orange County, fans liked to watch all the dramatic unfolds.

how I Met Your Mother
Getty Images Gary Friedman/Los Angeles Times
‘how I Met Your Mother’

-IMDb User Rating: 8.3
-Broadcast period: 2005-2014

how I Met Your Mother It is a warm series that tells the story of a man named Ted walking along the memory alley to visit his friends Barney, Lily, Robin and Marshall, and tell his children how he met their mother.Reboot named How i met your father The work featuring Hilary Duff as the protagonist is in production.

“Philadelphia is always sunny”

-IMDb User Rating: 8.8
-Broadcast time: 2005 to present

Philadelphia is always sunny It’s a weird comedy about an Irish pub run by five alcoholic narcissists. The audience is still enjoying the crazy friendship of these five friends, who are always planning in their favorite Philadelphia bar.

‘gossip Girl’

-IMDb User Rating: 7.4
-Broadcast period: 2007-2012

One might guess that a young adult novel about an anonymous blogger spreading gossip about her privileged high school partner will become a topic throughout the city. gossip Girl Fans love the drama between Serena and Blair and the Upper East Side circles including Nate, Chuck and Dan.

Big Bang Theory
Rich Fury/Getty Images

‘The Big Bang Theory’

-IMDb User Rating: 8.1
-Broadcasting year: 2007-2019

Science meets humor Big Bang Theory, A show about the unlikely friendship between roommates and physicists Sheldon and Leonard; neighbor Penny; engineer Howard; and astrophysicist Raj. When Bernadette and Amy joined the group, the organization later expanded.

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-IMDb User Rating: 8.5
-Broadcast period: 2009-2015

community It is a hilarious sitcom that revolves around a study group at Greendale Community College.The show is based on Author Dan Harmon’s own community college experience.


-IMDb User Rating: 8.2
-Broadcast period: 2009-2015

alliance It is a sitcom about the lives of a group of friends who play fantasy football.along with National Football League Event, the focus of the program is the staff after the game.

‘Parks and Recreation’

-IMDb User Rating: 8.6
-Broadcasting year: 2009-2020

do you know initial thoughts Parks and leisure Is actually a branch office? This hilarious sitcom centered on the fictional city employees of Pawnee, Indiana, including Star-studded cast Including Amy Poehler, Chris Pratt, Aziz Ansari and Rashida Jones.

‘New girl’

-IMDb User Rating: 7.7
-Broadcasting year: 2011-2018

Fans familiar with this comedy New girl It will prove its lively portrayal of a group of bachelors and teachers who moved in and upended their world. It’s easy to fall in love with the friendship Jess established with Nick, Schmidt and Winston.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images


-IMDb User Rating: 7.3
-Broadcast period: 2012-2017

Lena Dunham’s comedy, Girls, To pay tribute to women in their twenties looking for life and love in New York City. Most fans like Dunham’s character Hannah and her gang of girlfriends-Marnie, Jesha, and Shaw Shanna-because they stumbled through their youth with a refreshing sense of raw humor and transparency. Adulthood.

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