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Mason criticizes public broadcasting

DCandidate for the Bundestag of the CDU of Thuringia, former head of the Constitutional Protection Office Hans-George Mason The allegations against the public service broadcasting caused a fierce response. The Association of German Journalists requested an “urgent apology” via Twitter over the weekend. Katja Mast, vice chairman of the SPD parliamentary group, believes that Maassen agrees with AfD’s tenor. This is “dilapidated and dangerous”. Former left-wing chairman Bernd Risinger stated that Mason does not belong to the Bundestag.

In an interview published on Thursday with the television broadcaster, Mason accused the public broadcaster of “manipulating opinions,” such as by ignoring facts and using “techniques.” “I think it is a shame that the regulatory authorities have not really corrected this public service broadcasting system in this regard and ensure that similar things do not happen again,” Maaßen said. He included the “NDR Investigation Committee” into the discussion.

“Tagesschau” defended himself

This North German Broadcasting (NDR) is responsible for “Tagesschau”, explained the CDU politician. “When you see that there is also a connection between’Tagesschau’ or people who work for public broadcasting services and’Tagesschau’ and left-wing and left-wing extremist scenes-then it is really worth investigating, even if some of his biographies accepted it. Test to see if these people have the personality traits that accompany “Tagesschau” through editing (…). “Maaßen is not more specific on this point.

NDR spokeswoman Barbara Jung announced in response to dpa’s request that “Tagesschau” “puts high demands on the objectivity and diligence of reporting.” She only follows news standards when choosing news. “Tagesschau” stands for balanced, understandable and fact-based news.

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