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3 basic elements of long-term happy customers

Agency Spark podcast with David Gersh

The Agency Spark Podcast hosted by Sara Nay collected interviews with thought leaders in the marketing consulting and agency fields. Each episode is designed to inspire ideas that you can put into practice for your institution today.Check out the new Spark Lab consultation website Here!

In this episode of the Agency Spark Podcast, Sara interviews founder David Gersh Outreach local marketing. Before starting Outreach, David had established and sold 3 other businesses in the past 25 years. His main focus in these businesses is sales and marketing.

Sara’s question to David Gersh:

  • Tell me some of your stories and how did you start and sell the three businesses before you arrived today?
  • Do you have a niche market, or do you work with a range of local businesses?
  • What is the most successful marketing strategy for developing your agency?
  • How did you make the combination of direct mail and cold calling successful?
  • While other organizations are struggling, how do you maintain long-term customer retention?
  • Have you seen many local companies wasting their marketing budget in a certain area or strategy?

Learn more about David Gersh:

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