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MP Tulip Siddiq said that through flexible work to promote female employment

laborof Tulip Sidick Think flexible Serving When speaking in the House of Commons, it should be “the right of all people, not the privilege of a few.”

She said that flexible work legislation will help women who bear the brunt of childcare responsibilities, which may Boost the economy Billions.

Ms. Siddiq made a comment when introducing her ten-minute rule bill, which will give everyone a Flexible work rights Start from the first day of work and make sure that the employer promotes flexibility in job advertisements.

The shadow children’s minister, who has received cross-party support, told the House of Commons: “In general, flexible work has the greatest impact on women. This is something we cannot deny.

“In this country, the responsibility of taking care of children… does fall mainly on women. Statistics show that if women can work flexibly and return to work, they are more likely to return to them without quitting their jobs after giving birth. Career.

“Statistics show that men can also work flexibly. If their husbands are asked to help them take care of their children and take care of their children, women are twice as likely to perform well in the professions they are pursuing.”

Ms. Siddiq pointed out that McKinsey’s research shows that if women can achieve their full potential at work, the UK economy will increase by approximately £150 billion by 2030, which depends on the expansion of flexible work.

She also cited information from the organization Pregnant then Screwed, which reported that between March 2020 and March 2021, the number of calls received from mothers to the helpline was twice the number recorded last year.

The organization’s research also found that 71% of flexible work requests were rejected in the first year of the pandemic, an increase from the 53% rejected in the previous year.

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