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Liverpool locals are praised for standing together a week after the attack


people Pass through Liverpool They were praised for being “side by side” after the Memorial Day attacks, for reminding the public that they are the “eyes and ears” of the police in the fight against terrorism.

A week after the explosion outside the city’s women’s hospital, officials thanked the locals for their “patient and understanding” during the investigation.

The bomb used in the incident was a homemade explosive with ball bearings on it. The police said it could cause “major injury or death.”

As the investigation continues, the police thank the public for their patience (Peter Byrne/PA) / Amplifier line

Emad Al Swealmeen, 32, died when his taxi exploded outside Liverpool Women’s Stadium Hospital Just before 11 am on November 14th, taxi driver David Perry escaped with an injury.

Officials are investigating “round the clock”, and the police said there is more work to be done to “fight terrorism” because they vowed to work hard to ensure the safety of the city when the festival approaches.

Although we know that some people may feel anxious and worried, we have seen people from all over Liverpool standing side by side

Seven days after the explosion, the police and local politicians paid tribute to the response of the public, emergency rescuers and hospital staff in an open letter.

This letter was published on Sunday, on behalf of Merseyside police Chief Police Officer Serena Kennedy, Mayor Joanne Anderson, Merseyside Police With Crime Commissioner Emily Spurrell and Joint Authority Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram.

It commends people uniting together “in adversity” and states: “The ultimate goal of terrorism is to create discord, mistrust and fear in our communities. Although we know that some people may feel anxious and worried, we People have been seen standing side by side in Liverpool.

“This is because Liverpool has a proud tradition as a multicultural city, and the wider Merseyside region is always united at times like this, where the pride of all our communities is obvious to all.

“This is a region defined by its spirit of friendship, kindness and solidarity. We are very grateful to the residents for their patience and understanding (the police investigation is still continuing), but we are not surprised.”

They praised the “extraordinary work” of the hospital administrators and staff. Since last Sunday, the hospital has delivered more than 150 babies and provided specialized care for more than 60 newborns in the neonatology department.

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