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3 reasons why Araneta City Fiesta Park is a fun outdoor amusement park for the whole family to visit right now!

When I was invited to enjoy a day of fun at Carnival Park in Araneta, I did not hesitate to say yes. After all, the city of Araneta is only 15 minutes away from where I live happily.

After two years of being locked at home with nowhere to go since the pandemic, everyone craved a place to relax with the whole family, including us.

Without further ado, here are my 5 reasons to visit Carnival Park in Araneta:

1. Outdoors

It’s in an open parking lot next to the Araneta city bus station, so it’s open air and safer than in an air-conditioned mall or arcade. After all, the World Health Organization says being outdoors is safer than indoors when it comes to the spread of Covid-19.

2. They sanitize everything

Well, especially in Carnival Park where my daughter has more playpen/ball pit areas than anywhere else, where nice and nice staff with sanitizing guns shot everyone who came in lol. Well, just hands. Everyone should wear socks or not be allowed in.

If you forget to bring your own socks, you can buy them at the ticket office, I don’t know how much.

3. 500 yuan, enjoy the ride

Well, rides range from Php50 to Php150 depending on which of the 9 rides you want. Personally, try all 9 rides or just stop at the one ride or attraction you want, 500 is not bad. Like I said before, my daughter loves the playpen more than anywhere else and I love the happy car. So she stayed there while I was in the happy car as much as I wanted.

Carnival Park, Araneta City

Here are the rides and attractions available and their prices

Carnival Park, Araneta City

Now there’s another reason to take the whole family to Araneta City! A new outdoor attraction just opened that is sure to bring smiles to the hearts of kids and kids!

ARANETA FIESTA PARK at The City of Firsts offers a variety of fun rides and activities for young adults and even the rest of the family. This new entertainment destination is right next to the Araneta City bus stop (along Times Square Boulevard).

“We are very excited to be opening Araneta Fiesta Park to all of First City’s loyal customers.” Marjorie Go, Vice President of Marketing Araneta, Say. “We made sure it was a destination for the whole family to have fun and enjoy time while trying the rides we’ve chosen for them.”

Araneta Fiesta Park has some fun rides and attractions that every member of the family will love. For young adventurers, they can ride in cool F1 cars or prehistoric dinosaurs in Jurassic Adventures. For some leisurely fun, kids can try a boat swim. There are also mini trampolines, soft playgrounds and happy inflatables for fun and bouncy playtime.

Carnival Park, Araneta City

Children and adult companions can have a great time on the express trains and happy cars. There are also carnival game booths with fun prizes waiting for you to win. If the family gets hungry after a long day of playing, there are also food stalls with seating to satisfy your cravings.

All rides and attractions were shipped from Taiwan and operated in the Philippines for the first time through Araneta Fiesta Park.

“A lot of fun at Araneta Fiesta Park! It’s a place sure to delight and excite people of all ages. So we invite everyone to try it out and enjoy our special outdoor treats,” added Go.

Araneta Fiesta Park is open daily from 4pm to 10pm. Tickets start at just 50 pesos per ride, and you can enjoy all the rides that Araneta Fiesta Park has to offer for just 500 pesos.

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