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4 best marketing tools for agencies

Run one Successful marketing agency It is not an easy task, which makes it especially important to take a shortcut when you can get a shortcut.

Thanks to the rapid development of technical support tools, organizations today have access to a large number of productivity-driven software and platforms that they can use to operate their offices smarter, faster, and more efficiently. When every minute is important, it is worth investing in those that can free up your time and allow you to better prioritize how to spend each day’s time.

If you find yourself putting your actions in a secondary position to support customer needs-or if you can use some support in your daily operations (honestly, who can’t?), check out this list of four agencies The best marketing tools and discover smart solutions to put your strategy into practice.

1. Marketing automation software

Obviously, we cannot make a list of must-have marketing tools without mentioning it first Marketing automation software.

This savvy technical solution is your partner in crime when managing customer needs across various platforms.Having marketing automation tools can provide more value to your customers and ensure You are indispensable And their overall success assets.

You can also use it to manage your own internal marketing efforts, and the built-in analysis tools can easily monitor the results of all your hard work.

The many benefits provided by marketing automation software include:

  • automation Lead mark And score
  • automation Email marketing And contact list breakdown
  • Automated participation based on customer behavior

There are many automated platforms, so we recommend narrowing your search based on your budget, the size of your agency, and the size of your client and contact base.

As for our favorite tool in this category, it’s simple.Look at it all BenchmarkONE can do it for your institution If you need a demonstration, please contact us.

2. Social media automation

It seems that new social media channels, features, or trends are introduced every week, and your marketing agency needs to keep abreast of these.Although there are no shortcuts to staying ahead, Yes Make sure you Don’t fall behind your social media posts Or get engaged.

Social media automation The tool allows you to aggregate all (and your customers) various channels into one simple dashboard. From there, you can schedule posts in advance, cross-post between accounts, and follow mentions, comments, shares, and likes.

Look for a social media automation platform that covers all your normal channels and provides the correct range of functions for the tasks you are trying to accomplish.One of our favorites is falcon, It provides a lot of functions while still being quite intuitive to use.

3. Project Management Software

Almost any company in any industry can Benefit from project management software, Marketing is no exception.

The many benefits provided by project management software include:

These platforms provide one-stop management and tracking of projects from concept to completion, and are particularly suitable for keeping everyone on the same page at the same time-and ensuring that you always know where your budget is.

There are plenty of project management software to choose from, but we like it very much Base camp Because of its simplified interface and extensive integration capabilities.

4. Workflow automation

The more automation you have, the more time is left for everything else on your to-do list. Workflow automation is no exception, it allows you to set up custom workflow practices regardless of user input.For example, automatically update your All-in-one customer relationship management When new contacts are contacted via email, or automatically send attachments to Slack, so you don’t miss anything.

Workflow automation software follows the basic “if this, then that” algorithm structure. You can choose what action triggers what response. Depending on the software platform you choose, the possibilities for application integration are almost limitless.On that piece of paper, take a look Zapier Workflow automation tools for more than 30,000 different applications.

What tool is right for you?

This is far from an exhaustive list of tools that can support your organization (for starters, CRM, user testing tools, and data analysis tools all have a place in your marketing technology stack). However, it should give you a quick idea of ​​how much impact the right software has on your business.

If budget is an issue, many tools offer free versions and/or free trial versions with limited functionality so that you can understand whether it is worthwhile before investing. Allocate your resources wisely, remembering that the more efficient you are, the greater the potential for profit.

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