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5 Minute Buttered Low FODMAP Popcorn

Buttered popcorn is one of my favorite low FODMAP snack ideas. In this recipe, I’ll show you how to quickly make homemade popcorn that doesn’t get soggy and is a healthier version of the popcorn you buy at the movies thanks to the ghee and sea salt .

Many people have read my book SIBO made easy To learn more about gut health, wonder why I don’t have many low FODMAP snack recipes out there. The answer is complicated.

For people with stagnant digestive systems, it’s best to skip snacking altogether and instead space your meals to give your gut time to catch up. Be warned if you have irritable bowel syndrome and have never tried this method.

However, some snacks, like popcorn, deserve attention, especially since many packaged foods are off-limits to low-FODMAP diets.and may be harder to find Vegan Low FODMAPP Recipes.

My husband and I love eating buttered popcorn on movie night (after we watch the movie) Low FODMAP Dinner) and this homemade version with ghee and sea salt is one of the simplest and easiest recipes to make.

Sea salt in a bowl of ghee and a bag of yellow popcorn kernels

If you’re wondering why this popcorn is low FODMAP, we’re going to have to address two main ingredients as an explanation.

Is corn low in FODMAPs?

This is definitely a common question about low FODMAP cuisine, and like most things… the answer is complicated. it depends!

Sweet corn fresh off the cob, if you stick to half a cob, is very low in FODMAPs, which is a pretty small amount. But corn products—perhaps because they’re made from less sweet flint corn—tend to skew low-FODMAP.

Masa and cornmeal are both low FODMAP, as are their derivatives, including tortillas, polenta, grits, tortillas, tamales, and more.

Popcorn kernels are also made from flint corn and fall into the same category. According to Monash University, Regular popcorn is lower in FODMAPs, with up to 7 cups per serving.

So, that leads us to the next ingredient in our low FODMAP popcorn recipe…

Is butter low in FODMAPs?

Most dairy products cannot be used on a low FODMAP diet due to lactose. However, there are many products that are lower in lactose and can be enjoyed in moderation, including some hard cheeses and butter!

On the low-FODMAP diet, you can enjoy up to 1 tablespoon of butter per serving.

This butter popcorn recipe is made from a butter derivative: ghee! The secret to making buttery popcorn that won’t go bad and is fluffy is to use clarified butter instead of regular butter.Ghee is a clarified butter popular in Indian cooking (see this Low FODMAP Chicken Curry Recipe! ).

It is semi-solid at room temperature and is more friendly to those with lactose issues because all dairy solids have been rendered and removed. It has a nutty flavor and helps prevent the popcorn from becoming too soggy or heavy.

Spoon popping gluten-free popcorn into pot
Hand holding spoon of butter on low ford map popcorn in pot
Butter low fodmap popcorn in a bowl and add a spoonful of salt
Hand taking low fodmap popcorn out of bowl

In this low FODMAP popcorn recipe, I add some melted ghee to the pan with the popcorn kernels before popping them. This allows the butter mixture to spread evenly and get into every nook and cranny. The resulting popcorn is airy and light, but still delicious.

For those who want an extra buttery flavor, you can pour more melted ghee on top, or if the popcorn is still hot from the pan, add a tablespoon straight from the jar.

Sprinkle on some pink sea salt and you’ve got a quick, 3-ingredient, 5-minute low-FODMAP popcorn you can enjoy year-round.Click here to learn more Low FODMAP Snack Ideas.

Read on for this low FODMAP popcorn recipe!

With health and hedonism,


Place buttered popcorn in a bowl with melted ghee on the side

5 Minute Buttered Low FODMAP Popcorn

Buttered popcorn is one of my favorite low FODMAP snacks. In this recipe, I’ll show you how to quickly make homemade popcorn that doesn’t get soggy and is a healthier version of the popcorn you buy at the movies, thanks to ghee (clarified butter) and sea salt. To give this popcorn an orange hue, just sprinkle a little turmeric or curry powder (as long as you don’t mind the taste) into the ghee when you add it to the pan.

course snack

gourmet food American

diet Gluten-free, low-lactose, vegetarian

Key words Low FODMAP

Preparation time 2 minute

cooking time 3 minute

portion size 4

raw material

  • 2 spoon Ghee or clarified butter plus more services
  • ½ cup popcorn kernels
  • ½ teaspoon fine sea salt


  • Place a large stockpot with a lid over medium heat. Add ghee and once melted add popcorn kernels.

  • Shake the pan to completely coat the corn kernels with ghee and cover the pan. After a minute, you should hear the first crackle. The crackles would get louder and closer. Continue to let the popcorn do its work for 1 minute, until the popping slows down. Shake the pot to make sure the unpopped corn kernels are touching the bottom of the pot. Once the interval between pops reaches 10 seconds, remove the lid.

  • Toss the popcorn with sea salt and taste for seasoning. If you want more butter, add additional ghee.

  • Transfer the popcorn to a large bowl, top with a movie, and enjoy. Or cool completely in bowl, then transfer to airtight container and store at room temperature for up to 3 days.

If you make it, tag @phoebelapine and #feedmephoebe – I’d love to see it!

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