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5 of the most popular summer vacation destinations in Europe

As temperatures soar across Europe, the lure of summer vacation is becoming irresistible. From the idyllic coast of Greece to the vibrant streets of Italy, each destination offers its own unique blend of sun, culture and relaxation. Europe's most popular destinations, with their diverse landscapes and rich cultures, attract visitors seeking adventure and tranquility under the golden embrace of the sun. Explore these summer vacation destinations!


Greece is bracing for a hot summer this year, with temperatures expected to frequently exceed 40°C in many areas, setting the stage for one of the hottest summers on record. August is usually one of the warmest months, with average temperatures across the country ranging from 27.8°C to 32.2°C. Warm days gradually give way to mild nights, especially in central and northern regions, with temperatures dropping to 14.4°C to 18.3°C.

Mykonos island in GreeceMykonos island in Greece
mykonos island greece

This warm weather provides the perfect backdrop for exploring Greece's rich history, from ancient ruins under clear blue skies to beautiful Mediterranean beaches and local taverns, among many other reasons to visit Greece. The combination of hot weather and rich culture makes Greece an ideal summer destination.

2. Italy

The coming summer in Italy combines warm weather with rich culture. Daytime temperatures in the plains and coastal areas are usually around 30/33°C, making this season ideal for experiencing Italy’s diverse attractions.

Lake Como, ItalyLake Como, Italy
Lake Como, Italy

From wandering the streets of ancient Rome to relaxing on the scenic Amalfi Coast, sunny days complement the country's al fresco dining, vibrant street scenes and lively festivals. Italy’s summer warmth not only enhances the charm of its historical monuments and picturesque landscapes, Must visit destination…but also enhances the overall fascinating experience of visiting this culturally and historically rich country.

3. Cyprus

In Cyprus, August marks the peak of summer, with high temperatures and lots of sunshine. The average temperature across the island ranges from 23°C to 37°C. Coastal cities such as Larnaca and Paphos have temperatures between 23°C and 32°C, providing ideal conditions for beach activities. Inland areas, especially Nicosia, may experience higher temperatures, ranging from 24°C to 39°C.


This warm weather is perfect for experiencing some , such as Fig Tree Bay and Lara Beach, where visitors can enjoy sunbathing, water sports and the island's natural beauty. With hot and dry summers, Cyprus is a paradise for those looking for a beach holiday.

4. Malta

Nestled in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is a charming summer destination.The islands enjoy average temperature With temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius, it's a perfect blend of vibrant culture and stunning beaches. Its compact size makes it easy to explore historical gems like Valletta and idyllic spots like the Blue Lagoon of Comino Island.


Malta's historical role as a naval base has shaped its diverse cultural heritage, which adds to its appeal. Visitors can immerse themselves in a unique blend of architectural styles and cultural influences. Malta's relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere is enhanced by its warm, sunny climate, perfect for adventurous exploration and peaceful relaxation.

5.South of France

The south coast of France, especially the famous Cote d'Azur, is a quintessential summer vacation destination, known for its mild climate and average temperatures hovering around 29 degrees Celsius. The area combines luxury resorts, picturesque beaches and rich cultural experiences. Nice, Marseille and Cannes, a city famous for its film festival, attract tourists.

Marseille Old PortMarseille Old Port
Marseille, France

The South Coast also offers a wide variety of activities, from exploring quaint coastal villages to sampling world-class cuisine. Warm weather, a vibrant atmosphere and stunning Mediterranean landscapes make France's south coast an irresistible choice for a summer vacation. As one of the best summer holiday destinations in Europe, this is an excellent choice!

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