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5 simple steps to prepare content for EAT in Google

Do you feel that the SEO community is always paying attention to content ranking?

That’s because Google’s algorithm updates happen thousands of times every year. Google has changed, and it is actually changing as you read this article.

In 2018, Google reported 3,234 updates, which is more than 8 times the number of updates in 2009. According to statistics Moz

With Google now updating its algorithm almost everyday
, It’s safe to say that there is a “new” Google in town—spoiler alert—that is no longer defined by the checkbox method of SEO ranking factors.

According to Google, what does EAT mean?

According to Google’s official statement Quality Assessment Guidelines
-A 168-page content bible-Google’s EAT formula is about creating expert, authoritative and trustworthy content, and establishing the correct connection between these content on the web.

What do we mean by “new” Google?

by Artificial intelligence and the process of self-learning
, Google can now not only decipher keywords, but also decipher topics and connections, so as to rank content accordingly.

due to 2018 medical update
, It has begun to reorganize SERPs based on quality of experience and user satisfaction. This, along with its EAT priority, spells the beginning of a “new” type of Google.

What does this mean for your content planning?

There was a time when we all knew about keyword stuffing or link buying, but search engines (not just Google) are becoming more and more wise about this.

As content creators, we need to keep Google Games in mind. It’s time to define content planning by going deep into the customer’s mind; thinking about the questions they want to answer, and the intent behind their search.

How to increase your EAT in Google

To rank in the “new” Google, you need to improve your content in accordance with the Google EAT formula.

But how do you make the leap from writing content for search engines to writing content for customers?

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