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5 simple ways for parents to develop self-confident children

Confidence is a must. If you are confident on the inside, you will appear confident, attractive, and smart on the outside. Research shows that self-confidence may bring success and happiness. Self-confidence is believing in yourself, a skill that can be cultivated. In today’s post, I wrote five simple ways to cultivate self-confident children.

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Self-confidence can be defined as a sense of self-confidence arising from the appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities. Confident people are positive, have ambitious goals, set goals, and are more likely to be happy and successful. According to an article by Forbes, the reason why many people never reach their potential is not a lack of wisdom, opportunities or resources, but a lack of confidence in themselves. Confidence is not based on your actual ability to succeed in the task, but based on your belief in the ability to succeed. What an eye-opener-belief and perception are everything!

According to, self-confidence brings more happiness. This happiness comes from your success, because when you are full of confidence in your abilities, you will take action to achieve your goals!

According to an article published by, confidence in one’s abilities usually boosts motivation and makes it a valuable personal asset.

The benefits of faith

Confidence gives you the following motivation-

  1. Believe that you will increase motivation

Confidence brings motivation and helps you move on, rather than giving up easily.

2. Higher goal setting leads to higher success

Confidence can help you set goals, and when you achieve them step by step and move forward, this in turn leads to success.

3. Success leads to happiness

Self-confidence will bring success, and success may bring happiness.

4. Improve self-efficacy

Self-confidence leads to believing in one’s abilities and doing well in all life situations.

5. Make you more attractive and attractive

Confidence comes out in a more attractive form, making you more likable and more attractive to others.

6. Let you be the leader in the room, confident to learn more

Confidence is complete trust in yourself, which may make you a leader and the center of attention.

7. Because you believe you can do better, get a higher position or promotion at work

Self-confidence can get you a high-paying job through promotion or growth in work or career. It can also guide you to handle your personal life better and more effectively.

8. Change your mindset and make life more positive

Confidence will make your life full of positivity and inner peace. Believing in yourself can have a huge impact on your outlook on life and the journey you are leading.

Self-confidence can be cultivated. As I mentioned in one of them Previous post on 6 traits to cultivate children, Self-confidence can be taught to young children. As parents, I believe this is one of the many qualities we need to instill in our children. Read on to learn 5 simple ways to develop a confident child.

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5 ways to develop a confident child

  1. Let them make their own decisions

You can start as soon as possible. Give your children the opportunity to choose and make their own decisions. Don’t always tell them what to do, but guide them so they can make their own decisions.

2. Listen more and speak less

It sounds simple, but letting children talk and solve problems is a great way to help them build self-confidence. Talk less, try to listen more to what they say, want and do, don’t disturb them, and give them solutions.

3. Give them choices and let them explore

In another article about Hobby pursued I have written about the importance of children exploring things on their own. As simple as their hobbies or activities, let them participate in the process. Exploration and choice will bring critical thinking and creativity, which in turn will increase confidence and courage.

4. Support them anyway

As parents, we need to let our children know that we support them no matter what. They may make decisions and choose to do the wrong thing, but in the process they may learn valuable lessons from their failures and move on. Children whose parents stand with them at every step grow up more confident and certain about themselves. Encouraging and always being there may be different.

5. Show them your unconditional love

Through your words or actions, always show your unconditional love. When things go well or things may not go well, share your love, joy and happiness with them. Love is the foundation of everyone’s self-confidence, especially children who seek parental approval.

In addition to the above 5, plus the following tips to help them increase their self-confidence and happiness!

  • Let them know that trying is more important than winning

Emphasize and believe that hard work is more important than results. Between children with higher intelligence and children with diligence, encourage diligence instead of intelligence. Remember, this is not only your innate ability, but also how you use your ability to gain confidence and ultimately succeed.

  • Put their efforts above results/rewards

In the field of education, we want children to pay attention to processes and products. Always emphasize effort rather than results. Emphasizing the process over the product leads to hard work, confidence and courage.

  • Help them build confidence

I believe that faith makes a person stronger, braver, and stronger, because knowing that the supreme power is by your side. Start early and raise your children with the beliefs or beliefs you follow. They can always make their own choices when they grow up.

wrap up

All in all, self-confidence is a very important skill for children and adults. Because of the belief in oneself, self-confidence can bring higher success, happiness and more enthusiasm. Remember, confidence is not based on your actual ability to succeed in the task, but based on your belief in the ability to succeed. Believe it and win half! In today’s post, I wrote 5 simple ways to cultivate self-confident children. Listening to their voices, letting them make their own decisions, showing them your unconditional love and support, and emphasizing hard work rather than ability are different ways to help your child build self-confidence.

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Dear readers, we would be happy to hear from you. Do you think you have raised a confident child? Are you confident to grow up? I know I am not, this is a skill I have learned over time, so I know it can build confidence. Please share your thoughts in the comments below or send an email to

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