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5 Summer fashion rush to add to your Amazon shopping cart

I don’t know what you guys think, but I think I sneezed and suddenly it was July. Summer is flying by, but despite the fast pace of this season and the sultry heat of New York City, I love every minute of it. You know that I am a fool of online shopping. Recently I was looking at some of your most popular products. This summer, I want to quickly summarize 5 popular Amazon fashion items and add them to your shopping cart. Each of these items is a “wear/reusable” type item, and they are all priced under $70 (mostly under $50). What is the return on investment?

Ladies washed boyfriend shirts – Shop here

A lightweight summer blouse, you can tuck it into a pair of high-waist shorts, or you can wear it open in a bikini. I like the length of this one! You can also tie it at the bottom to shorten it, depending on your ensemble.

FEISEDY Cat Eye Sunglasses – Shop here

My sunglasses are asking for 10 dollars or 400 dollars. Nothing in between. This pair is closer to the former, but it looks like they cost you more salary. I really like the frames on these cat eyes, they come in many colors. If you are tired of the classic black, white is super chic.

Levi’s Premium 501 mid-thigh jeans – Shop here

Denim shorts are essentially an ode to summer. This pair of Levi’s fits like a glove, and the leg length is just right. They are not shorts, nor Bermuda shorts. The high waist belt makes them easy to dress up or dress up.

Champion nine-point crew neck sweatshirt – Shop here

Whether you need a sweatshirt for a morning run (go to the gym or local coffee shop), or hang out around the campfire on a summer night, this is a sporty and stylish choice. The tailored fit and the “C” details express “I’m sporty but I’m cute.” This also looks good with cycling shorts and sneakers.

Travelon belt bag – Shop here

Don’t pretend that you are still too cool for the fanny pack. Once the opposite of fashion, it is now a microcosm. The waist bag is very suitable for creating a street-style look and is an artifact for hands-free travel. Trust me. You will not regret buying this.


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