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8 best things to do in Bergen

Bergen unfolded in the shuffle like a stack of perfect postcards. One after another, unique landscapes, monuments or activities appear, allowing you to immerse yourself in them. Bergen was once the largest city in Norway, and it has always enjoyed the beautifully landscaped parliament building with seven famous mountains. One reason is that it is a center of tourism, and another reason is that it is a center of trade, education, media, shipping, oil and subsea technology.

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And, of course, cruise, taking into account that more than 1 million passengers travel to Bergen by cruise alone. On your first trip to Bergen, you will cross many islands in the outskirts of the city connected by large bridges. If you use the Bergen Card to use free public transport, commuting is “quite” easy. Want to know where to go and what to visit? Here are some of the best things to do in Bergen.

Visit Bryggen Pier

Bryggen at first glance

The UNESCO World Heritage Site Bryggen is one of the oldest piers in Norway and the world. At first glance, a large number of colorful traditional wooden houses will make you attracted by a chapter in a fairy tale book. Wandering on the eastern coastline of Bergen, Bryggen Wharf It was once the most influential trading post in Europe. Adam’s Al still projects the reflection of the eternal town defined in red and yellow tones. You can learn about the Hanseatic era by just strolling along the Bryggen Boulevard.

take Cable car Drive to Floyen Mountain

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Any trip to the mountain city of Bergen is not complete until you arrive by cable car Floyen Mountain Admire the most extraordinary urban landscape. The Floibanen mountain cable car only takes about 10 minutes to cover the distance from the base to the top of the mountain. In this short period of time, you can watch Bergen on the screen, cross the cliffs, and enter the ocean of infinite beauty. Ride the cable car to admire the breathtaking panoramic views, including mountains, piers, fountains and the city hidden in the shade of auburn silk. Floyen is the place where I have seen the best day!

Visit the Hanseatic Museum

Three minutes from the Bryggen Pier is the Bergen Hanseatic Museum, which showcases the Hanseatic way of life of German merchants from the 13th to the 17th centuries. This museum with two trading companies allows you to explore various marine trade achievements. Of the two firms, one is behind the house and the other is facing the sea. In the past, the museum room was used as a winter auditorium, court or education center. This 18th-century museum is a fascinating experience that allows people to learn more about the history of Bergen.

Explore Bergenhus Fortress

The gateway to the port of Bergen has long been controlled by the ancient Bergenhus Fortress. (And, we are talking about it since the end of the 16th century!) This fortress has always been one of the most majestic buildings in Scandinavia. During your visit, you can see the medieval Håkonshallen Haakon’s Hall, banquet hall , Rosenkrantz Tower and Museum. Håkonshallen was built for the Norwegian King Håkon Håkonsson in 1261, and then later in 1950, it fully recovered from the post-war predicament.

This stately hall is the largest surviving building of its kind in Norway’s time and is open all year round. Rosenkrantz Tower was built in the early 15th century on a 12th century medieval building. In the museum, you can view fascinating exhibitions about the contributions of women during the German occupation. Before leaving, walk to the antiquities of the walls of Sverresborg, a 16th-century fortress built on a 12th-century castle.

Eat at the Bergen fish market

Bergen Caviar

The Bergen Fish Market near Bryggen Pier is another place worth visiting in the city. One is that you can enjoy the magnificent view of the pier, and the other is that you can enjoy the city’s best seafood from the Baltic Sea. Just prepare yourself a plate of steaming paella and a cup of hot coffee, and you can enjoy the peaceful sunset at the pier. As picturesque as ever, you can spend hours at the fish market and enjoy the spectacular harbour view. Here, don’t forget to buy brown cheese, sausage, and caviar-offering best-in-class products at a one-time price.

Visit the Grieg Museum (Troldhaugen)

A short hike to the south of Bergen is Troldhaugen; the former residence of the 18th-century Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg. This well-preserved residence was built in the late 18th century and is now the Grieg Museum, where you can find articles about the life and works of the composer. The current location of the Greg Museum is where Edward and Nina once lived. Many new buildings have been added to the villas above, each of which commemorates the composer’s work. Here, you can also see Greig’s private work area, the composer’s hut by the lake where he lives in seclusion, and the 200-seat concert hall Troldsalen facing the composer’s cabin and the lake. If you travel from June to September, you can even attend a concert.

Visit the KODE Museum

The KODE is distributed in four blocks in the center of Bergen, on the shore of Lille Lungegård Lake Lungegard. KODE1, formerly “permanent”, contains several permanent collections of the museum, including silver treasures, featuring locally created gold and silver works. In addition, there is a great museum where you can observe the singer’s collection, including works by ancient masters and antiques from Asia and Europe. KODE2 displayed ever-changing exhibits and installations, as well as an art bookstore. KODE3 features the Edvard Munch collection, and KODE4 is the hometown of Kunstlab, a museum of modernist art and children’s interactive art. All three historic “Houses of Composers” are also managed by KODE.

Take the Norwegian Nutshell Tour

Norway nutshell 3

Bergen is also the starting point for a trip to Norway, which is one of the most incredible fjord voyages in the world. From Bergen, you will have to go to Gudvangen to take a cruise through the longest and narrowest fjord in the world. After taking the bus, it took nearly two hours to reach Gudvangen. The trip started in the early morning and ended in Oslo late at night. From Gudvangen, the cruise will take you to Flam, from where you can take the Flamsbana train and then transfer to another train to Oslo.

On the way, you will be swarmed by mountains, seagulls and towering miracles from the Ice Age-believe me, the beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage glacier is beyond words. You’only’ have to visit it yourself!

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