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Changing the employee experience-Brian Solis

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In today’s new world of work, we are seeing a significant increase in the demand for remote work solutions. But this is more than just being able to connect remotely. Employees need technology to enable them to thrive and maintain productivity and engagement. The right tools make the business run better.

Industry research shows that those with greater flexibility in working style, time, and location are 60% to 80% more efficient than those who lack flexibility. By enabling employees to access all their data and applications from anywhere, using any device, many organizations find this is the key to improving employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention.

Hearing from industry experts Brian Solis, Salesforce global innovation evangelist, Gerry Lavin, Citrix product strategists, they discussed how technology can be one of the key pillars of providing excellent employee experience, and found more information about the digital workspace as a starting point The best work ability of employees-no matter when and where, no matter the work needs to be completed.

Citrix provides

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