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5 reasons why you may lack motivation (and how to deal with it)

“I have no motivation.” “Can you motivate me?” “Why am I not motivated?” “What’s wrong with me?” “I just don’t have the same motivation as before.”

Sound familiar? I’m here to help. I have 5 things that may cause you to struggle, and some ideas to help you get back on track. But first, let us redefine our motivation to “get” us from other people, or the ideas that other people need to motivate us.

One of the most important things I learned about motivation is that if it does not come from within us, it cannot be sustained.

That’s because it is our internal drivers, not external incentives, that really make us take meaningful action. If your inner drive for action is not from your heart, they won’t last, they won’t work for you, and they won’t help you so much.

Therefore, let us now delve into these internal driving factors and find out the reasons that may destroy them so that you can get back the magic!

5 reasons you may lack motivation

1: You are bored.

You are just bored with what you are doing. You need diversity. Your body desires diversity, and you need to choose. It may also be that you are bored with your own training method because you have been doing the same thing for too long.

No spice, no excitement. It has no taste. This may be an important reason why you don’t want to take action, because motivation is essentially a “desire Take action. “It’s something that takes you forward.

But if you lack desire, it may be because you are completely bored and it is time to confuse things.

2. You are exhausted.

Now boredom is easily combined with overload, which leads to burnout. You may be overtrained, exhausted, and not even aware of it. This may apply to many things outside of sports. Life is full of challenges and responsibilities, and sometimes you really need to take a break.

You might think “Why can’t I do more? I just don’t have motivation.” It’s not really lack of motivation. In fact, you are exhausted. Your body needs to do more quiet, restorative activities. You just need to spend some time taking care of yourself and let yourself recover a little bit more.

If you have been training hard for too long, you may need to take a break during training, or you may just need to start training in a more balanced overall, if you have been doing it, you may need to take a few more rests in a week “There are no rest days.” Since this applies to your life, have you been “unstopped” in another aspect of your life? Maybe you also need to take a break.

This can be a sneaky, especially when you are a high-performance winner, like many of us. However, it is easy for us to give ourselves too many stereotypes and too many rules during training without really hearing the clear message that our body may send us, that is, it is time to take a break.

3. You are at a loss.

The third reason is really similar to the first two, overwhelming. This situation has become more and more common recently. The routine pressures of daily life and all the new pressures that people have to deal with will begin to accumulate in 2020. Between all the competing information and the fear of the unknown, there are so many things that make us at a loss, and put so much pressure on our bodies that we become numb or shut down.

Finding the desire and motivation for these healthy habits that we have been talking about here between the complex stress of daily life and all the new challenges that arise can become a huge challenge.

This is the best time for meditation practice, self-care exercises and breathing exercises, sit still and be grateful, and focus on doing the best thing with what you have every day-and removing all your own stress “Fulfill.” This It is all or something, what love is, and accepting things day by day.

4. You have nothing to expect.

So the fourth thing, I think, is also part of the overwhelming feeling that is happening in the world right now, something we all need to look forward to. Many of the events we anticipated—actually the drivers of our actions for health and well-being—do not exist now.

Many of us had to cancel plans for large events or trips that we were looking forward to. Many brides have to give up their dream wedding, or really change or change what they plan to do. We don’t even have those “micro events” worth looking forward to-simple things, such as meeting your girlfriend on the weekend.

You know that you will get together with your friends for social events, or you and your family are planning to meet for a family outing. Even if you go shopping, buying yourself something new is not as easy or simple as it used to be. It’s just that there are different parameters. Different places where you live have different guidelines for what is suitable, safe, and good.

So it’s harder to find motivation. I mean, when you think about these small events, even on weekends, you will have a routine, a routine that drives many of your activities and behaviors. If you have something to look forward to, your inner motivation will be greater, and you will have more desire and motivation to exercise and take healthy actions.

But when it is taken away, when things are uncertain, when things do not follow the same pattern, it is difficult to shift oneself to find a completely different set of driving factors, which is very intangible. This is not something you may be consciously aware of. When there is nothing to look forward to, or dressing up (or even just dressing up!), you might as well lie on the sofa, right? In situations where it feels “lack of motivation”, this can be a huge spoiler.

Now, if you are still reading this article long after the events of 2020 have passed, then this reason is still valid. It may be that you have just fallen into the routine and haven’t created any fun worth looking forward to for yourself. So it’s time for a change! Plan a hike, plan a gathering with your friends, plan some activities you want to dress up.

5. You need to reconnect your WHY.

This can really help serve you and provide you with motivation and desire, regardless of other circumstances. This can help you find a balance in all this.

Really deeply and why You have to take these healthy actions first is a very important question, you have to ask yourself. Let me give you an example. For me, it boils down to seeing myself as an 80-year-old woman. From then to now, I have some time. I think about the woman I will be and her life. I want to control my body at that age and have the opportunity and freedom to make choices. It largely depends on my mobility and strength, if I can move freely, if I can have autonomy in life at that age. A lot of this will come down to how I take care of myself now.

Many reasons stem from my personal drive, that is, I want to control my body, do not depend on anyone else, be able to take care of myself, protect myself when needed, think, do things and choose what I want and what for myself. It’s best for me personally.

Therefore, some of the ways you can gain insight into the cause for yourself is to ask yourself a series of questions. You start from the first one, that is, why should I exercise? For many of us, we talk about how we want to look better. We want our skin to feel good. This is a driver that many of us have, but it cannot be the only driver.

In difficult times, it is not enough to keep us motivated as a driver, because it is only on the surface. It is a good by-product, but there are some deeper things under it. We must understand it deeply and connect with it so that we can be consistent with it every day.

Therefore, if the first thing that comes to mind is “I want to look good and feel good physically.” Then I asked myself, why? Why do I want to look good on my body?

“Well, because it makes me feel capable. When I am capable, I feel strong and valuable.”

Oh well, why do you want that feeling? What is behind this feeling that makes you feel worthy?

“Because I feel I need to control my body. I want to have power. I want to take care of myself.”

So when you start asking yourself those deeper questions, you start to understand why you really want that feeling, if you keep asking yourself the lower levels, why, why, why (this will be for all of us All are different) Then you can truly understand what is really happening and discover the deeper meaning behind what really motivates you internally. What are the internal drivers of your action.

Remember, motivation does not come from outside. This is why you have to be very careful about marketing messages, because when it comes to the deep drivers of our desires, it may plunder some of our fears. Therefore, we must really pay attention to this, and really, really adjust to what is important to us humans, and what can best serve us in our own personal health and wellness journey.

So today I just want to focus on these things about motivation, because this feeling is very important. If you don’t feel motivated, it’s worth checking these 5 things to see if you might just feel bored and need to change your rhythm. Or maybe you are really exhausted and you need to take a break. Or you are completely at a loss and you need some support and self-care. You may miss something particularly worth looking forward to. Or you may just need to get a deeper understanding of your inner reasons.

Do these things resonate with you? Does this make you feel that you are more connected to your motives and your deeper desires? Tell me in the comments. I look forward to hearing from you!

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