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A Fox TV reporter accused it of “blocking” her in irrelevant local news clips and promised to reveal the secrets from the Veritas project.

Fox 26 reporter Ivory Hecker (apparently, Want to be a pop star) Accused Fox of “shut up” a mysterious story she was working on, and stated that Project Veritas would publish it instead. She blurted out the accusation in a section not related to air conditioning.

“Before we start that story, I want to let you audiences know that Fox has been shutting up to me and not letting you audiences see certain information. Judging from the information I have collected, I am not the only reporter who has been affected by this. I will release some recordings of what happened behind the scenes of Fox because it applies to you, the audience. I found a non-profit news organization called Project Veritas, which will help solve this problem tomorrow. Listen.”

Project Veritas was the front line of the conservative scammer James O’Keefe, who gained fame for producing selectively edited video recordings that put activists, journalists, and officials at a disadvantage.His recent efforts have not attracted much attention, so Hecker’s wonderful introduction Hope for the right is high.

A Project Veritas spokesperson confirmed to The Daily Beast that the organization will release a sit-in interview with Hecker on Tuesday night. In addition to interviewing reporters about her corruption allegations related to Fox, Project Veritas said that it will also release some recordings and videos of Heck, which she said can support her allegations.

However, the anchor point of the channel moved quickly.

Update: It turned out to be hydroxychloroquine. She blew up her career because of hydroxychloroquine. She made secret recordings of her Fox colleagues just to make them look reasonable and tired of her nonsense, so this is another bankruptcy of O’Keefe.

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