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8 Tips to Fight Boredom on a Long Flight

Are you planning a vacation and worried that hours on the plane will bore you? How do you spend this time to make the trip more enjoyable and avoid getting to your destination too tiring? Enjoying a long flight is not easy… let’s see how to optimize this time.

Here are eight things to do on a plane that will keep you energized during a flight that lasts for hours.

1. Reading is your ally

Books and magazines are one of the best pastimes on an airplane, especially when traveling in business class, which offers a plethora of books.


A long trip is an excellent time to start or finish that book you’ve been dangling from. Plus, keep up to date with the latest news on your hobbies with magazines that you can buy duty-free at the airport.

2. Watch movies or series, listen to music

Modern planes used by major airlines for long-distance travel often have individual TV screens in each seat. In addition, airlines offer passengers the possibility to choose from a variety of movies, series and even music to eliminate boredom inside the plane.

Business Class Movie Viewing System

It is also possible to continue filming his own series and movies Netflixand music on your tablet or phone. Plus, according to the company and the plane, you can now enjoy this online entertainment over Wi-Fi—no need to download content before boarding.

3. Use the internet when your flight allows

As we pointed out, depending on the airline you choose to fly and the type of aircraft you can connect to the Internet via a Wi-Fi network. Sometimes this access is free for consuming a certain amount of MB, from then on they ask you to contact one of their internet packages. However, in other cases, depending on the purchased ticket, Wi-Fi will always be available.

Wi-Fi on board

If you’re lucky enough to travel on a flight with free Wi-Fi, there are a few things you can do to while away the time before you arrive.For example, from your smartphone you can read the latest news, chat with friends or play games online on a secure and easy-to-use platform such as Las Vegas Slots Onlinewhere you can find the funniest slot machines.

4. Take a walk on the plane

Yes, the walk will be short, but it is necessary. In addition to clearing the mind, it helps with proper blood circulation on the go and doesn’t feel numb upon arrival, which also helps stave off the dreaded jet lag.

5. On a long plane trip, you should eat and drink enough

Among the tips for long-haul plane travel, remember to eat and drink to stay hydrated. Airlines typically offer dinner, lunch or breakfast menus, depending on the time of travel on the transoceanic flight.

Emirates – First Class Meals

Additionally, airlines such as American Airlines or American Airlines have additional fees Etihad Airways, providing passengers with a snack and drink menu to choose from in case they get hungry or want to eat. There is also the option to bring certain foods in your hand luggage to help quell hunger pangs between meals.

6. Take the opportunity to sleep during the flight

One of the most common actions taken to cope with a long flight is to sleep. But be careful: consider the time to reach your destination…

Cathay Pacific Business Class – Full Flat Bed

Because if you sleep most of the time during the trip, you may not want to sleep when you arrive, so your sleep time may be affected, causing you to experience jet lag.

7. Get to know your deskmate

You might just get lucky with your tablemate and find something you’re both passionate about. Great friendships can be born anywhere!

8. Use your imagination

Use your imagination – it’s one of the best things about traveling. For example, what does the shape of the cloud remind you of? Or, if you’re more prosaic, profile your peers.

fly over the clouds

Try to get a sense of their lives through their attire, attitude and expressions. It’s an innocuous game, but it can be fun. You can even get more sophisticated and make a list of traveler types and try to fit your companions into different types.

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