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Accented Italian “E” – È and É

In Italian, you can write the letter E in three different ways. Usually it is written in the simple form «electronic» But sometimes it may be accompanied by an accent—either the accent (`) or the grave accent (´).

These accents serve a dual purpose in Italian:

a) They tell you that the stress falls on the last syllable

b) They indicate whether the vowel is an open vowel (stress – Yes) or closed (acute – This is)

In IPA, the accented E (`) is written as /ɛ/ and sounds similar to the E in the English word “belectronicTon” or”MeterelectronicTon“.

E with grave accent (´), on the other hand, is written /e/ and is similar to (but not identical to) the initial E sound in English words, as in “bAIt”. You can hear it with Check out this IPA vowel chart and hit /e/.

As an Italian learner, try to avoid spelling Yes / This is as e’. Italians may use an apostrophe instead Yes or This is This is considered a misspelling when they don’t have quick access to the accented form of E on the keyboard, or if they’re just lazy, but in formal writing.

Important Italian Words Containing È and É

  • Yes = Yes
  • Have = Have
  • What’s wrong = There are some
  • coffeeYes = coffee
  • That is = That is to say
  • Ugh = alas / dear me
  • OK then = OK then
  • baby = baby
  • land = Tea
  • why = why, because
  • until = until/as long as
  • neither = Neither nor
  • if only = if only
  • so that = so that
  • when = immediately
  • certainly = sure/absolutely
  • since = since
  • twenty three = twenty three
  • Thirty-three = Thirty-three
  • Look = him/herself
  • so that = so

Sometimes Third Person Singular Verbs Need Stress distant past (past). E.g:

  • beat (beat) -> he knocked (he/she/it hit)
  • to weave (to weave) -> to weave (he/she/it weaves)
  • Sell (Sell) -> Sell (he/she/it sold)

How to type an “E” with an accent

How to type è / é on a mobile phone

Most modern smartphones allow you to place your finger on a letter and see all possible variations, including accents and accents.

Here’s what it looks like on my iPhone XR.

How to type è / é on Mac

The easiest way to do this on a Mac is to use the keyboard accent menu.

On a keyboard, hold down the letter E until a menu with all the different accent options appears. To select an accented E, click on it with the mouse or press the corresponding key number.

How to type è / é on a Windows computer

I haven’t used a Windows computer in years, but it still seems like the fastest option is Character Map. In Windows 10, type “maps” in the search box on the taskbar, and then select Character Maps from the search results.

Alternatively, you can use numeric codes if there is a numeric keypad to the right of the keyboard. Just press Num Lock and hold the Alt key while typing the following four-digit code:

  • Alt + 0200 = Yes
  • Alt + 0201 = This is
  • Alt + 0232 = Yes
  • Alt + 0233 = This is

Other ways to enter è / é

If none of the above appeals to you, the last option is to copy and paste accented characters from a search engine or such site! 😉

È – È – é – é

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