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According to the head of the Republican China Working Group, the Chinese military may have taken over the Wuhan laboratory in 2019 – RedState

House Republicans held a panel speech today to discuss COVID-19 (Democrats Too lazy to participate). During the presentation, Republicans on the Coronavirus Crisis Select Subcommittee listened to several scientists and shared their statements so far regarding their investigations (many of them are related to the reports we brought in RedState ).

Dr. Brett Giroir, who served as the Assistant Secretary of the Department of Health at President Trump’s HHS and was designated as the “Testing Czar” for the coronavirus, Talk to the subcommitteeThe same is true of former State Department investigator Dr. David Asher, Dr. Steven Quay, founder of Atossa Therapeutics, and Richard Mueller, a professor of physics at the University of California, Berkeley. (Quay and Muller recently wrote an article for The Wall Street Journal, arguing that COVID-19 is May have been designed in the laboratory.)

Regarding his appearance before the subcommittee, Dr. Asher Tell Trace Gallagher of Fox News China needs to take responsibility:

Dr. David Asher: I will not blame the Democratic Party for this. So far, we have had excellent meetings in Washington with Democratic Party staff and members, at least remotely. I just think they don’t want to be in the same room with Republicans on this matter, and vice versa. So I can’t solve the partisanship in this town, but we can solve the communist Chinese trying to use COVID to damage our country and the world system. Even if they didn’t do it on purpose, they knew it would spread. They let it spread, and it claimed the lives of millions of us. We must bring these people to Communist China.

The House Minority Party whip Steve Scalis (R-La.) chaired the panel.each New York Post:

“We have been asking this question for more than a year and have asked the majority of the House of Representatives to hold a hearing to investigate the origin of COVID. What is confusing is that the speaker [Nancy] Pelosi [(D-Calif.)] Refusal to allow a hearing to be held-call it a’diversion’,” Scarlis said in his opening statement. “As the American people will hear from our expert witnesses today, this is far from a diversion. “

Following Scalise, Devin Nunes (R-Ca.) gave a speech.Then Representative Michael McCall (R-Tx), a senior member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives and head of the China Working Group, shared his findings, including Enlightenment The Chinese military may have taken over the laboratory of the Wuhan Institute of Virology earlier than previously reported:

“The new testimony my committee has now received indicates that the Chinese military may have taken over the laboratory, not in January 2020, as reported, but earlier in 2019,” McCall Say“The Chinese military was actually in the facility in 2017. This shows that the CCP was worried about certain things in the laboratory before the world even knew what COVID-19 was. Otherwise, why would they hold the Chinese military responsible?”

McCall’s 2017 quote may come from this State Department Fact Sheet, Released in January, some of which explain:

3. Secret military activities of WIV:

  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure are standard practices in Beijing. For many years, the United States has publicly expressed concern about China’s past biological weapons work. Although Beijing has clear obligations under the Biological Weapons Convention, it has neither recorded nor clearly eliminated it.
  • Although WIV presents itself as a private institution, the United States has determined that WIV has cooperated with the Chinese military on publications and secret projects. Since at least 2017, WIV has conducted classified research on behalf of the Chinese military, including laboratory animal experiments.
  • The United States and other donors who are funding or cooperating with WIV for civilian research have the right and obligation to determine whether any of our research funds are transferred to WIV’s secret Chinese military projects.

As McCall correctly pointed out, this raises a question, why? What happened in the laboratory that prompted a military presence in 2019 (or earlier)?

In addition to disclosing China’s military presence in the laboratory, McCall further made the following notable remarks:

  • “I released my preliminary report in September last year. In that report, we mentioned the possibility that it might come from the laboratory. After continuing to study this topic, I can now easily conclude that it is more likely From the laboratory. In fact, as a former federal prosecutor, I would say that there is credible evidence.”
  • “I think it’s time to completely treat the wet goods market as the source of the outbreak. We had a confirmed case ten days before the occurrence of the wet goods market cluster that is not connected to the market itself. In fact, I would say this is The CCP’s transfer, all roads lead to the laboratory.”
  • “In a city five times larger than Houston, the first signs of new diseases were clustered around the old WIV facility-Level 2 facility. Then on September 12, 2019, WIV suddenly offlined their virus database. You must ask this question: “Why? Why are they taking this offline? “Deleting the database will prevent hospitals in the city from comparing patient samples with the laboratory’s virus database. If the CCP tries to cover up the leak of the coronavirus that WIV is studying, it will eliminate the ability to link COVID-19 to WIV.”

McCall’s comments are reflected in the video below:

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