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Adam Kinzinger made a dangerous statement that he should back down or shut up-RedState

Outside of when he is funny Own, I try not to pay attention to Rep. Adam Kinsinger’s absurd claims when he auditioned for a permanent show on the left’s favorite cable news network, because the spotlight—whether bad or good—is exactly Kinsinger wants every time he opens his mouth.

But some of the claims are absurd and can be screamed, because Kinsinger developed a bad habit of overloading his circuit with his mouth, and he got worse after the Capitol riots.

As evidence, the so-called “Republican” congressman from Illinois recently sat down and gave a passionate speech. One to one Talk to the New York Times about his role in telling power the truth about the events of January 6. In this work, King Singer almost pulled a muscle on his shoulder, reaching out and patted his back many times. E.g:

“I made a decision early in my career, and I am willing to vote for the possible end of my career,” Kinsinger is one of 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump for an attempted sedition. “But I think the vote will support things like the Social Security Reform Act. I never thought it was to defend democracy.”

Yes, this is the kind of “interview”.

But returning to his serious statement, Kingsinger was urged by reporter David Marchese to say that he “skeptical” that some of his Republican congressmen knew that the riots would happen earlier:

right now: Do you doubt that some members of Congress know what is going to happen that day and support it?

Kinsinger: I won’t name it, but yes, I do have this suspicion. I would say, if you only watch Twitter-I carry a gun, keep my employees at home, and tell my wife that the whole reason for staying in the apartment is to watch Twitter. I saw the threat. When Lauren Bobert-I’ll call her directly-said “Today is 1776” on Twitter, I don’t know what it means, except now is the time of revolution. Maybe this is a stupid tweet, she didn’t mean it. beautiful. I will give her this credit now. But if you have members of Congress involved in sedition, then yes, we need to know.

Do you really spoil him? He gave up the name of a congressional colleague, basically accusing her of helping and instigating conspiracy to overthrow the presidential election, and then two seconds later, he behaved generously, suggesting that he would bring her the benefit of doubt. Such a generous person, isn’t it?

Let’s break it down. Kinsinger did not have any evidence to support this explosive accusation against another member of Congress. not any. If he did, we would have seen it now. In fact, considering the depth of federal investigations into congressional riots so far, I suspect that after six months at this stage, if a current congressman has a prior knowledge of events that we also know now.

The reality is that Kinsinger’s claim is extremely unlikely.As my colleague Bunch famous In a previous article, our understanding of what happened on January 6 in the past few months has made it more and more like a violation. This is absolutely unacceptable and should not happen. It is probably a small group of people. Spontaneous reactions from conservatives rather than grandiose, calculated plots that require months of planning and organization. In the next few months, we may learn in different ways, but in my opinion, the available information does not support the allegation that this was a premeditated attack.

What Kinzinger is doing here is throwing catnip to the media because he likes the spotlight and needs to feel as if he is still relevant, especially after he leaves Passed Has a seat in the Capitol Riot Committee organized by Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi.

The truth of the matter is that there is more evidence to support my suspicion that Adam Kinsinger is a cunning man who seeks attention, rather than evidence of the so-called “advanced knowledge” of members of Congress.

Kinsinger made a very dangerous statement in that interview.If he has a receipt, he needs to start flashing some receipts, which is dangerous enough-because although the claim that politicians “incited” the style of January 6 is serious enough, they are actually involved Plan it To make matters worse, if there is no cold, conclusive evidence, one should not be charged.

In short, for allegations that members of Congress know what will happen in advance, Kinsinger needs to be patient or shut up. It’s that simple.

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