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Adding color to my summer wardrobe

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My kids absolutely love colors. She loves pinks and purples and anything rainbow colored. We had our first Pride weekend in town a few weeks ago and she couldn't understand why I wasn't wearing anything colorful. It made me realize my wardrobe Very Neutral, maybe a little too much. I think in my attempt to make my wardrobe versatile, I almost stripped it of anything bright and colorful.

To add some color to my summer wardrobe, I picked up two pieces sezane, I didn’t realize they could be such a mood booster. I wear This dress all the time. Not only is it super comfortable, but I love the pastel floral print, which makes me a little nostalgic for my '90s wardrobe. As for shorts, you won’t hear me say that colors don’t work universally anymore. These are fun to wear with basic tanklinen buttons, Navy blue T-shirtor a cotton sweater The weather is cool. We recently vacationed in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and I didn't need a lot of clothes. It was really hot and these kept me cool and comfortable throughout the trip. My kids are my biggest fans.

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