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Adult life (with Erika)-RST # 75-Italian Podcast

In the new episode of “Reflections Without Transcripts,” Erica and I discussed how we have become boring staff members instead of college students with interesting and lively lives (just kidding, we never were) What has changed in life.

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Hi everyone, welcome or welcome back. This is Podcast Italiano, a podcast for learning Italian and working away from home with interesting and authentic content. As usual, noise can be heard. In this apartment, this is inevitable. However, these are all problems of urban life. But we will not talk about this in today’s show.

Today’s episode is an untranscribed reflection on the topic that Erica and I are talking about in this column we believe [00:35] interesting. Sometimes even without Erika, Erika and I haven’t spoken for a while, so…it’s nice to be able to record with her. The topic we are going to discuss is adult’s life, adult’s life, how we started to work, let’s reflect on the difference between our past life and our present life.We have done an episode, we discussed the difference between work and dependent work, so what Erika does, work independently, so what I did in this project, but in fact this episode… The theme is a bit different (then maybe in reality there is already a bit overlap [01:25], We have repeated a few things, but I hope it is still interesting).

Before starting this episode, I want to remind you that the transcripts of reflections without transcription are available on my Podcast Italiano Club for $9 a month, the so-called gold club, so you will find the latest reflections’ transcripts, There is no transcription, for example, since I started to make them transcribed. The Podcast Italian Club is a great way to support this project, support me and support your Italian, because you will find many supplementary materials on podcasts and even my YouTube channel to supplement the work I have done here, so they will help You, they will help me, which is a good thing for both of you, so check out the Italian Club Podcast. Link in the description of this episode.Then I want to talk about today’s sponsor Italki, I have some very interesting things to tell you on [02:35]Italki is the best platform for those who still don’t know, where you can find language teachers, language tutors, where to go, book courses when you need them, and take classes in the comfort of your home. So, I teach on Italki. As I always said, now I don’t accept new students, but there are countless very good teachers on Italki. I suggest you… If you never talk, try Italki. The interesting thing I want to say is that from July 15th to September 15th, Italki will launch an event where all new members can participate in the trial lesson for free. Italki will pay for your trial lesson, but the teacher’s fee will not be charged. you. . So go to Italki and register using the new link you found in the description of this episode. On July 15th, September 15th, your Italian will thank you. Now we heard this episode, it was very good, and finally we heard the last few words again. See you later!

D: Hi, Erica! How are you?

A: Hi, David! everything is fine. Glad to be here again!

Q: Have you realized that since our last conversation (reflections about no transcripts, not in real life [ridono]) Has it been three months? Three months! It was April and we were in… [04:15] Del locked.

B: Whose fault is this?

D: I don’t know what went wrong.

E: Those of you who no longer invite me.

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