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After England fans surrounded the bus and punched his father, the Danish family told the horror

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After the conflict between the two teams in the European semifinals, a group of England fans rushed into their bus on their way home from Wembley, which shocked the Danish family.

A 9-year-old boy was forced to flee to the top deck because his father was beaten by an English fan and beat him in the abdomen after a group of 40 people found their shirts through the window.

43-year-old Eva Greene urged the police to protect Italian fans in the Euro 2020 final on Sunday night after her family was singled out by some “drunk and aggressive” fans several miles from the stadium.

She described the “electric” feeling when Denmark took the lead 1-0. Although her country lost, she said that they had a good night chatting with other “cute” England fans at Wembley Stadium.

But during their last journey to Dulwich’s home, she found a large group of jubilant England fans jumping over a truck in front of their bus.

She told Standard: “When a group of people saw our Danish T-shirts through the window, we were sitting with a sleeping child.

“They started knocking on the windows and doors, screaming and yelling.

“They started filming us, which was both uncomfortable and weird because we didn’t touch them-we just wanted to go home.”

Allegedly, the bus driver opened the door and let England fans get on the bus, while the American father Lane tried to stop them in the corridor.

“At this time I realized that my son was starting to be scared, and he went up the stairs. I followed him,” Eva said.

“When I turned around, a man jumped up and hit my husband in the stomach. A lovely passenger trying to help us was slapped in the face.”

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