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After England won 4-0, the calm confidence of the fans turned into cheers


After England defeated Ukraine 4-0 in the latest round of the European Cup, English fans turned Trafalgar Square into a grand party.

At 5 pm, three hours before the start of the game, supporters began to flock to the UEFA fan zone, a landmark in London. Three Lions Start at Olympic Stadium In Rome.

Fans Joana Moreira predicted an “obvious victory”, while Jose Nunes felt “cautiously optimistic” and seemed confident of England’s victory.

The calm crowd drank beer and ate French fries, watching Denmark beat Czech Republic On the big screen, but as the England kick-off approaches, the excitement is getting higher and higher.

Fans watching Ukraine vs. England / Amplifier line

The fan area has been sold out, which means that more than 1,000 supporters gathered on a table with a longer social distance. The crowd is a sea of ​​white, red and blue shirts. Dozens of people carry flags on their shoulders and their cheeks are painted red and white. Of pigments.

Compared to Tuesday’s match between England and Germany—the real tension and tension in the air—the air in Trafalgar Square on Saturday was filled with quiet confidence.

The crowd expressed their gratitude to England, proudly singing the Queen of God Blessing and applauding the players’ knees, while some sang the Three Lions as the Ukrainian national anthem was played through the speakers.

Their quiet confidence paid off-about five minutes later, the England captain Harry Kane The score, which prompted cheers to erupt from Trafalgar Square, and fans repeatedly sang “It’s home”.

After England’s second goal, the fans rebelled against the strict rules of social distancing and embraced each other and danced.

Then they sang and chanted for the rest of the game, stopped temporarily to cheer after the third and fourth goals, and soon re-sang the three lions, sweet Caroline and hey baby.

Fans watching Ukraine vs. England / Amplifier line

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