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After the male tennis legend called the women “very beautiful” on live TV, the pearl was held tightly – RedState

It happened again.

Remember that in January 2013, the University of Notre Dame and Alabama participated in the BCS National Championship, when the 73-year-old sports commentator Brent Musburger talked about the Alabama quarterback at the time. How pretty is AJ McCarron’s girlfriend, Katherine Webb?

“You quarterbacks, you got all the beautiful women,” Moosberg said on the live broadcast. “What a beautiful woman. Wow!” Kirk Herbstreit, a sports analyst who participated in the game with him, agreed.

For those who missed it, here is the part that led to the collapse of feminism, and the national debate about whether Moosberg is a dirty old man and sexist pig, who likes to objectify women:

It’s commendable that Moosberg Never apologize It’s commendable that Webber-she is Literally The beauty queen at the time-accepted Stride forward Since then, whenever she was asked about this, she would defend Musburger.

More than 8 years have passed, and the “problem” of complimenting beautiful women’s sexual appearance in sporting events has once again risen, this time in England:

Boris Becker, who reports for BBC Wimbledon, caused an uproar when he commented on Márton Fucsovics’ future wife, Anett Böszörményi.

“That was Fuscovics’ fiancée,” said John Inverdale, Becker’s broadcast partner, as the highlights of Novak Djokovic’s straight set defeat of Fucsovics were revealed. “Her name is Annette Bozomeni. If you are a tennis player, it is always good to have a partner named Annette.”

In response, Becker, an iconic tennis legend, told Inverdale, “They do say they have the most beautiful woman in Hungary. I don’t know, but she is really beautiful.”

Just because of compliments, Becker is He is accused Sexism:

“Women in sports charities have been committed to changing sports culture for decades, including ending the objectification of women,” [Stephanie] Hilborn told the Daily Telegraph. “When two men are comfortable talking about women in this way, let alone on live TV, it shows that there is more work to be done. We need everyone to understand how this affects women and girls, so that How do they feel. Shouldn’t we encourage the next generation of girls to participate in sports instead of talking about women’s looks?”

Flo Williams, the Welsh international rugby player who founded the perception agency, added: “This is a locker room chat rather than a comment chat. This directly shows that comments about women in sports can center on their appearance-whether they participate or not. game.”

It’s commendable that, unlike ESPN in Musburger/Webb, the BBC On standby Becker issued a statement. “Boris Becker made a relaxed comment without intent to offend,” they said.

It should stay there, but of course it won’t, because “feminists” must always find outrageous things, including a pearly obsession with harmless compliments.

If Becker says “yes, what I want to do to her after the game”, it will be one thing. I can definitely understand the anger in that situation. But he didn’t. He said she was “very beautiful”. She is.she was Instagram page Full of pictures showing it.

Personally, I feel offended every time this problem arises. As a woman, I feel embarrassed. Few people in this world dislike a good compliment.female Special enjoyment Get them. Frankly speaking, in this world, we have to worry about more things than men praising women’s looks.

In my opinion, the British TV talk show host Alex Phillips quite perfectly summarized most women’s views on the matter:

“Women blaming men for complaining to women will only make the world more miserable for other women,” she commented in response to the controversy.

And the man is also in the process! It’s so frustrating everywhere.


‘Nuff said. It’s time to stop being stupid.

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