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Amazon summer swimwear roundup: the styles I shopped this season

It is officially June, which means the summer in New York has officially begun. I have always felt that Memorial Day weekend is the beginning of the swimsuit season, and my instinct is to spend as much time as possible in the sun. London, Racecar Rio and I are already testing our backyard oasis, which includes a luxury swimming pool (ahem, a Barbie inflatable pool) and a makeshift cabin (ahem, a tent). In my opinion, if you close your eyes, you may be in Greece, the Maldives or the tropics, but Rio likes to remind me that we are at home. Children these days. There is no imagination.

Because I am very interested in summer, I want to share with you some cute summer swimwear I found on Amazon. There are so many cute suits outside, whether you are playing in the backyard and pretending to relax, packing up your things for a warm holiday, or going to the local swimming pool, you are worth wearing a swimsuit and feel like a coin. This is the style I want to buy this season.

One-piece suit

I like to alternate between wearing a suit and wearing a classic bikini. It makes things spicy. I especially like one-piece suits with some tailoring, ruffles or sexy necklines, and let them do double shots.


Since I had a child, high-waisted pants have become my poolside hymn. Not only are they popular now, but they are also generally likable and lengthen your legs. I tend to prefer unisex bikinis-black is always an atmosphere-but this season I have noticed some vibrant patterns.

No matter where you are, I hope you can get some vitamin D and get some form of puddle. Happy summer everyone!

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