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Antifa has found someone they don’t want to pester with, so they need the police – RedState

As we reported earlier, The Wi Spa in Los Angeles had a big problem when a transgender person was allowed to enter the female zone, exposing his penis to the women and little girls there.

Women complained that the spa’s response was that because of California law, they couldn’t refuse entry for transgender people.

This angered people and Yesterday triggered a protest against the spa. This also triggered a counterattack from SoCal Antifa.

But as we reported, the Antifa people became violent and attacked the protesters and reporters who reported the story.

They surrounded different people and tried to drive them out of the area, and beat some of them on the way.

They chased the cameraman.

Graphic language warning in the following video:

Then, a street missionary there was attacked.

But one kind of interaction is different.

Antifa is trying to get close to the Latino man, but he has found nothing. As they moved around him, he stood up to greet them. He blocked them all and hit one of them-which got him arrested for trouble.

If you think those are the chains he uses to protect himself, then they are not. They are big prayer beads. What he meant was that it is an abomination for people who support nudity to place penises around little girls. Some people theorized because this person might be in a gang’s tats.

Now, obviously we don’t know. But I think he might accept any number of people; he stopped them. But they could not force him to leave; they had to turn to the police to help them. You know the people they want to cancel the funding, which is very humorous. They even thank them. Because when they want to protect a person, the police should be there, right?

There is another interesting place here. If the person struck by the rosary wants to complain about assault, he or any witnesses must provide their names to the police so that the police can find out who they are. Therefore, either they must come forward or the case may be dropped. Damn.

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