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Artificial Intelligence by Thomas R. Weaver – Book Review

Doesn’t it feel very autumnal? The chilly wind and steady downpour gave me the perfect excuse to snuggle up under a warm blanket and get cozy with a good book. Saying “a good book” simply doesn’t do justice to the books I’ve read recently. I just finished reading “Artificial Intelligence” by Thomas R. Weaver, and it’s the most compelling story I’ve read in a long time. I was totally focused on the whole process. I challenge you, once you start, try to let it go. It’s tastier than cake! (Well, almost)

Artificial Intelligence by Thomas R. Weaver

In 2050, the earth’s climate is out of control. The heat wave has killed millions of people in the Persian Gulf, including the wife of journalist Marcus Talley.But he had a unique lead: Geoengineering unnaturally diverted the heat wave from hitting the U.S..

The president who gave the orders is now running for a bigger position: nation-state dictator, tasked in the short term with making the tough decisions that nations cannot make to prevent climate catastrophe.

His final opponent is Solomon, the world’s first artificially intelligent statesman, governor of New Carthage, a floating domed city-state that protects the elite.Solomon’s creator may have the evidence Tully needs to prove his point to the world, but in the most important election in history, someone will stop at nothing to prevent the truth from emerging.

The main character, Tully, is a very lovable character that I immediately connected with. He was truly motivated to seek justice for his late wife, which kept me rooting for him throughout. I’m glad to see Tully’s coworker/friend’s personality shine through as well. The dialogue between them is coherent and easy to understand. Their relationship to each other is clearly depicted.

The plot was exciting and kept me wanting to know more every time I turned the page.
I love Thomas’ world-building and can clearly imagine the future setting in which this story unfolds. Small actions, like drinking a gel-like liquid, allow nerve particles to enter his brain! Just adds authenticity. You know, it’s very avant-garde!

Suspense and tension come and go like the ocean. Let you be immersed in a burst of anticipation, and then make you feel terrified!

Absolutely love artificial intelligence and I will definitely be looking for future books from Thomas. He deserves every success.

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