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Artificial Intelligence, Digital Darwinism, and the Tyranny of the Status Quo

Digital Darwinism: The evolution of society and technology and their impact on behaviour, expectations and behavior.

“It is not the smartest of the species that survive; it is the most intelligent species.” It is not the strongest that survives; but the species that survives are the ones that are best able to adapt and adapt to changing environments. ” – Leon C. Mekinson

Transformation becomes the lowest bet for evolutionary survival.

But at some point we have to stop reacting to change and become the change that everyone else responds to.

Shift from a passive mindset to a proactive mindset.

Ask questions to push your thinking beyond the established boundaries.

and #AI For example, automation and cost cutting are not only possible but contribute to the tyranny of the status quo. Everyone is looking for a quick win.

Most importantly, how do you think differently and discover opportunities for AI to augment or even innovate your work to grow exponentially, create new value, and drive new revenue streams.

This is what differentiation means. This is what transformation means. Otherwise, you’ll be digitizing what you did yesterday so you can do it tomorrow.

Digital Darwinism favors those “who can best adapt and adjust to changing circumstances.”

The environment…your market…your customers and employees…is changing and Growing. So must you.

This is more than just an opportunity to optimize your work to become more efficient. Now is the time to reimagine work itself to make it more effective and competitive (and profitable).

Many people automate the same activities they have always done instead of innovating better ways forward. Automating bad processes doesn’t make them better. Likewise, you can’t create a path to innovation.

Ask yourself, and ask your team, how does artificial intelligence challenge your fundamental assumptions about your business and operating model?

The answer will not just be quick wins, but unlocking differentiated use cases and transformation initiatives.

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