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Safety first: family-friendly tips for exploring London

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London is a mythical city that spans the winding Thames River and passes through a variety of neighborhoods ranging from aristocratic estates to low-income areas. Sometimes these areas can be adjacent to each other in a uniquely London way!As a result, it can be difficult for visitors to realize when they’ve left a relatively safe area and entered a less safe one… Here are some family-friendly tips so you can Explore London Experience the best of this city safely and securely.

Where would you stay while exploring London?

You might plan to book a hotel during your stay, but modern hotels are often not family-friendly, which may mean you have to book two rooms and split the kids between you – which isn’t fun when traveling without your partner. The best part of a vacation night out – this can get incredibly expensive. Why not choose a hotel-style apartment instead of booking a hotel? Serviced accommodation usually takes the form of fully furnished and self-contained apartments with all the modern amenities you could possibly need and plenty of space for the family to lie down comfortably after a busy day exploring the city. You can also make sure even the pickiest (or most allergic) kids will eat when you’re out and about by preparing snacks for them “at home” and taking them with them. (It’s also a cost-effective way to travel and avoid expensive restaurant bills!) View London hotel accommodation.

Continue tour

Sign up for the many tours London has to offer.There is a tour bus jump up and down While your ticket is valid, you can travel safely from one destination to another, stopping at each location for any length of time and then “hopping on” another bus to continue your journey. A boat trip on the Thames takes you from Westminster to Greenwich – keeping an eye out for the Cutty Sark along the way – and it’s a great way to experience a different view of the city’s iconic skyline.

make travel beats

People sometimes scoff at the idea of ​​a tour, but for first-time visitors, walking from Big Ben to Buckingham Palace to Piccadilly Circus is a great way to see some of London’s best sights. Kensington’s museums are well connected and most have interactive exhibits and fascinating creatures, minerals and displays to keep your children engrossed for a long time! Be prepared to spend several days visiting museums, as each one offers a wealth of information, education, and entertainment. Oxford Street’s shopping scene changes from time to time, but it’s always worth a visit – with the kids (or even without the kids!) Hamley’s Toy Store Always worth a visit – make sure you set a budget before going in!

Plan your route

If you decide to explore further afield, Londoners can be a bit cool for the unwary or lost traveler, so make sure you have your route planned and know all the transfers you need to make. Also let your kids know where you’re going and in what order, so if you get separated at any time, they’ll know where to find you again – although hopefully this is a plan you don’t need to test! Children under 11 years old Travel freely Make public transportation relatively easy on your budget with paying adults.

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