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BAD Wrap protects your gear in a good way

Crowdfunding News – BAD Wrap is a new way to protect your technological equipment while you are traveling. It is basically a protective cover that provides instant, padded, and fit protection without any velcro, zippers, snaps or straps to maintain its shape.

Is this magic? No, it uses 100% aluminum wire inside the lid, which can be bent and formed around the object you want to protect. When I asked you how many times you can bend and unfold the lid, they replied:

Short answer: The wires inside are 100% pure aluminum, often referred to as “dead soft” aluminum or armature wires. The wireframe has been tested for hundreds of cycles.

Long answer: if you want to really understand the details, the way it works is actually very interesting:

When you bend the die-soft aluminum, it becomes imperceptibly harder at the exact point of the bend (talking about the molecular level). When you bend it in the same place again, it will actually bend slightly where it was previously bent. So even if you bend it in exactly the same way as before, it will not bend in exactly the same way at the molecular level. You will not fray the wires because you will not bend the same molecules over and over again. The 100% aluminum wire becomes stronger at the bend, which is a hardening process, not weakening. Another way of thinking is to consider how aluminum cans are recycled endlessly! same.

When aluminum is mixed to make a composite metal, it becomes very strong and elastic. Other materials in composites prefer to bend where they were bent before—it becomes a weak point. Think of a paper clip, it is easy to bend back in the same direction. Therefore, as it becomes weaker and weaker at the bend, it will break relatively quickly.

We often use metal to improve stiffness and elasticity, which makes pure aluminum relatively uncommon and hard to find. However, its original form is a very neat material.

In the test description, we conducted a failure test on the product. If you use brute force to apply pressure to a limited point of the BAD Wrap line and recycle it, it may eventually break. Our test failed, so we were able to damage the wire through long deliberate attempts. However, from the appearance and performance of the product, the breakpoint is imperceptible. The outer circumference line is actually doubled. This is the most important line in BAD Wrap, and it freezes in place when wrapped around something. Even after cyclic testing, the product continues to perform well.

Why do I like it?

I like BAD Wrap because it is a reusable and deformable protective cover. You can wrap it around your equipment to ensure that it is safely placed in a bag, suitcase, etc. If this is not enough, you can fold it into a usable equipment accessory, such as a tablet stand!

Where can I find more information?

The BAD Wrap event will end on July 15, 21, and they are still struggling to achieve the $48,500 funding goal. You can book BAD Wrap starting at $18. After the BAD Wrap event ends, the rewards are expected to start shipping in December 2021.Visit their Crowdfunding All detailed information page.

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