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Best Business Insurance Compared and Reviewed by Crazy Egg

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Unexpected natural disasters strike without warning every day. Will you be ready if today it’s your business that’s affected? How protected are you? We looked over countless business insurance plans and did the not-so-exciting research to pick the best providers out there. We’ve determined that The Hartford is the best business insurance plan for most people. For the last 200 years, they have helped businesses plan for and recover from disasters. They also offer specialized insurance policies to those who need a little extra coverage. If you want options other providers can’t match, The Hartford is the provider for you.

The Best Business Insurance For Most

The Hartford

Best For Most

With more than 200+ years of experience and over one million customers under their belt, The Hartford offers essential business insurance packages for more than 20 industries.

We all want to avoid the worst-case scenarios in life. But if you can’t having Hartford reconstruct your livelihood because of an unforeseen catastrophe is your best plan of action.

They’ve seen it all. The Hartford has been doing this for two centuries. And no matter what your needs are, they can accommodate you. It’s easy to call and start a policy. They are transparent in all their processes and offer the same impeccable service no matter if you just started a plan or have a multi-million dollar umbrella policy with them for the last 10 years. It’s clear why most people stay policyholders and why we recommend them as best business insurance for most organizations.

The Best Business Insurance to Consider: 

  1. The Hartford – Best for most
  2. Hiscox – Best insurance policies for micro-businesses
  3. StateFarm – Best for small business insurance
  4. Progressive – Best for commercial auto coverage
  5. Travelers – Best for workers’ compensation coverage
  6. Founder Shield – Best for SaaS and tech startups
  7. AmTrust Financial – Best for restaurant owners

When Does It Make Sense to Invest In Business Insurance?

Depending on where you live and the type of business you own, you may be required by law to have certain types of business insurance. If you’re not familiar with this, business insurance is the best place to start. As most companies will know the guidelines for your state.

Furthermore, if you have employees, you probably need unemployment and workers’ compensation insurance. Some states also require disability insurance as well. Another great reason to invest in business insurance, as you will protect yourself and your employees in the result of an accident.

Aside from legal requirements, different types of business insurance are smart, depending on what you own and what you do. And if you run your business outside of your home, you should at least have a business owner’s policy (BOP). 

BOPs include general liability, commercial property, business income, and equipment coverage. 

So, your property, including laptops, buildings, and inventory, are protected. And your income can get replaced if something happens, causing you to close temporarily. 

With a BOP, you’re also protected against bodily injury claims from customers, vendors, and visitors to your place of business. 

Other types of insurance make sense in different situations, including:

  • Commercial auto – if you own business vehicles like cars, box trucks, tow trucks, etc. 
  • Professional liability – for service providers like lawyers, accountants, and freelancers
  • Commercial property – for businesses that own buildings, warehouses, and equipment
  • Data breach – for companies that store customers’ personal information
  • Cybersecurity – for companies at risk of cyber attacks
  • Umbrella – if standard plans don’t offer enough coverage

The best time to get business insurance is before you need it. However, the second-best time is today. If you’re wondering if you need a specific type, I highly recommend talking to an agent for further guidance. 

#1 – The Hartford — Best For Most

The Hartford Logo

The Hartford

Best For Most

With more than 200+ years of experience and over one million customers under their belt, The Hartford offers essential business insurance packages for more than 20 industries.

The Hartford is one of the most popular business insurance companies, with over 1 million small business customers spanning the last 200 years. 

They offer countless types of business insurance, including:

  • Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)
  • Commercial auto 
  • General liability 
  • Commercial property
  • Business income
  • Professional liability
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Data breach
  • Commercial umbrella

Their team of insurance specialists works around the clock to evaluate small business risks and find the best possible insurance coverage solutions. They have a 200 track record of managing a plethora of insurance services.

Plus, they serve more than 20+ industries, including communications, healthcare, pet services, retail, and more. 

With The Hartford, the claims process is simple. Simply start by reporting your claim over the phone or online. You can then monitor the status of your claim anytime, on any device with an internet connection. 

From there, a claims specialist assists you through the entire process, making it as painless and seamless as possible. 

So, if you’re looking for a specialized all-inclusive insurance package tailored to your business, industry, and location, The Hartford is our #1 recommendation. 

Get started with a free quote today!

#2 – Hiscox — The Best for Micro-Businesses

Hiscox Logo


Best for Micro-Businesses

For more than 100 years, Hiscox has helped hundreds of thousands of micro business owners prepare for the unexpected. Specialized coverage packages in 11 different industries and a free discovery tool to help you decide which types of insurance you need. Best for businesses with fewer than five employees.

Hiscox has been serving hundreds of thousands of small and micro business owners for more than 100 years. With 3,000 employees in 14 countries, you can rest easy knowing your business is protected regardless of where it lives. 

Furthermore, they provide specialized packages for businesses in 11 different industries, including engineering, beauty, commercial maintenance, consulting, fitness, and more. 

With Hiscox, you can get several types of business insurance, including:

  • General liability
  • Professional liability
  • Business Owner’s Policy
  • Cybersecurity
  • Short-term liability
  • Commercial auto
  • Umbrella insurance
  • Directors & officers
  • Employment practices liability
  • Workers’ compensation

And if you’re not sure what types you need, they have a free tool to help you out. Simply answer a few questions about what you own and the different services or products you offer. 

Then, the software recommends the best types of coverage for your small business. 

You can also give them a call at any time if you have questions or need help deciding what types of coverage you need. 

Get a free quote from Hiscox today!

#3 – StateFarm — The Best for Small Business Insurance

StateFarm Logo


Best for Small Businesses

As small business owners themselves, StateFarm’s 19,000 independent agents understand the culture. One of the most popular insurers with more than 83 million current policies. Tailored coverage packages for businesses at different phases of the small business lifecycle, from startup to acquisition.

StateFarm has nearly 100 years of experience (since 1922) serving small businesses. 

Furthermore, they have more than 19,000 independent agents who are small business owners. They understand how small businesses work from the inside out, making them better equipped to help you find and maintain the right coverage. 

And with more than 83 million policies throughout the US, they’re one of the most widely-used insurance companies on our list. 

From startup to selling your business and everything in between, StateFarm offers tailored recommendations depending on the stage of your small business. Their insurance policies include:

  • Business Owner’s Policy
  • Commercial auto
  • Health insurance
  • Commercial liability umbrella
  • Professional liability
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Life insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Employment practices liability
  • Group life insurance
  • Key employee coverage
  • Executive benefit plans
  • Completed operations liability

Out of all the business insurance companies on this list, StateFarm offers the most comprehensive coverage options for small businesses, regardless of where they are in the lifecycle. And they also provide specific packages for 12 different industries. 

Plus, on top of insurance policies, they offer banking, financial services, and personal coverage. 

Enter your zip code to find an agent near you today!

#4 – Progressive — The Best for Commercial Auto Coverage

Progressive Logo


Best for Commercial Auto

Commercial auto policies including liability, collision, fire, theft, bodily injury, medical costs, and more. Suitable for non-owned, hired auto, and any auto policies. Get specialty coverage for vehicles of all types, like dump trucks, tow trucks, food trucks, snowplows, and taxi drivers. Packages custom-fit to your needs.

If your business relies on expensive vehicles or your employees drive personal vehicles for business purposes, commercial auto insurance is a smart idea. 

Progressive offers several different types of business insurance, including general liability, professional liability, and cybersecurity. But they specialize in commercial auto coverage for businesses (and vehicles) of all sizes. 

Their commercial auto policies can include coverage for:

  • Liability, collision, fire, and theft
  • Bodily injury and property damage
  • Medical payments, pet injury, and personal injury protection
  • Hired auto, non-owned, and any auto protection
  • Vehicle-specific coverage
  • Uninsured motorists

They also offer specialty coverage for dump trucks, landscaping, trailers, box trucks, food trucks, snowplows, and livery (i.e. taxi drivers). 

Progressive has the most comprehensive commercial auto coverage out of all the recommendations on this list. And they currently insure more than one million commercial vehicles in the United States. 

Furthermore, you can get custom coverage packages depending on what you need. This means you don’t have to worry about paying for policies that don’t apply to your business. 

Overall, Progressive is an excellent commercial auto insurance provider if you rely on vehicles to run your business. 

Get a free quote to get started today!

#5 – Travelers — The Best for Workers’ Compensation Coverage

Travelers Logo


Best for Workers’ Compensation

The #1 workers’ compensation insurer in the country with over 500,000 small business customers. Most states require workers’ comp coverage if you have employees, so it makes sense to get it from the United State’s top provider. Includes specialty coverage packages for 23 different industries.

Travelers is the #1 workers’ compensation insurer in the United States. 

In fact, over 500,000+ employers and business owners trust Travelers to take care of their employees in the case of an accident or illness. 

Their workers’ compensation packages cover medical care, ongoing care, lost wages, disability benefits, and death benefits (i.e. funeral costs) for the injured employee. 

However, it also reduces the employer’s liability if something happens. Without this type of coverage, an injured employee can file a claim against you, holding you liable for their lost wages and medical costs. 

Furthermore, most states require you to hold some type of workers’ compensation coverage. So, it makes sense to get it through the top insurer in the country. 

Travelers has over 100 years of experience in the field. And they also offer a wide range of other business insurance policies, including:

  • General liability
  • Cybersecurity
  • Property coverage
  • Professional liability
  • Surety bonds
  • Commercial auto
  • Environmental liability
  • Inland marine

They also offer specialized coverage packages for 23 industries, including transportation, real estate, retail, non-profits, manufacturing, and more. 

Enter your zip code to find a Travelers agent in your area today!

#6 – Founder Shield — The Best for SaaS and Tech Startups

Founder Shield Logo

Founder Shield

Best for Tech Startups

100% online buying process with less paperwork and hassle for tech and SaaS startups. Includes the most comprehensive coverage options for online businesses looking to simplify the insurance process. Plus, they offer a completely digital management experience.

Despite not being well-known or in business for hundreds of years, Founder Shield offers the most comprehensive business insurance for SaaS and tech startups. 

Furthermore, they’re reinventing the insurance industry to make it easier to navigate with less paperwork and hassle. 

Which… is excellent news for small startups facing unique challenges. 

From their 100% digital buying process to total online management, they’ve simplified the process to make insurance as accessible as possible for everyone who needs it. All you have to do is “create a profile, request a quote, and sleep well.” 

Founder Shield offers comprehensive policies for startups, including:

  • Directors and officers insurance
  • Technology errors and omissions
  • Representations and warranties
  • General liability insurance
  • Employment practices liability
  • Cyber liability insurance
  • Intellectual property
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Property insurance
  • Commercial crime
  • Key person
  • Media liability

On top of world-class coverage options, they also take a hands-on approach with their underwriters by educating them about the fast-growth startup culture. 

And they automate as much as possible, giving them more time to work with their clients. 

Create a free account to get started today!

#7 – AmTrust Financial — The Best for Restaurants

AmTrust Financial Logo

AmTrust Financial

Best for Restaurants

Comprehensive business insurance coverage for restaurants of all shapes and sizes. Includes fine dining to fast food and more. Restaurant-specific policy enhancements like spoilage, contamination, and liquor liability. Get a custom-fit insurance policy for your restaurant today.

AmTrust Financial helps reduce risk and improve financial stability for restaurants of all shapes and sizes, from fine dining to fast food drive-throughs. 

New and established restaurants alike face ongoing challenges and risks, especially dealing with the public. And that’s not to mention supplies, equipment, and protecting your commercial property. 

With AmTrust Financial, you get a custom-fit coverage package to meet the demands of your specific restaurant. So, you don’t have to worry about paying for things you don’t need or experiencing unfortunate coverage gaps. 

They offer basic policies, including a business owner’s policy, workers’ compensation, a commercial package (including general and professional liability), and umbrella coverage. 

However, they also offer policy enhancements specific to the restaurant industry. These enhancements include:

  • Property and liability endorsements
  • Selling price for stock (including wine/liquor)
  • Food spoilage
  • Peak season coverage
  • Foodborne contamination
  • Umbrella limits with or without liquor liability

With a custom-tailored package, you can rest easy knowing your business is protected and prepared for the unexpected. 

Create an account and start exploring your options today!

Methodology For Choosing The Best Business Insurance

Now that you know my top recommendations, let’s talk about what makes these insurers great and how to choose the perfect coverage package for your business. 

Legal Requirements

Most states have regulations around what businesses need insurance. Furthermore, if you have employees, you need workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance (at least). You may also need disability, too.

However, every state is different. So it’s critical to understand your state’s requirements. 

If you’re unsure of anything, your best bet is speaking with an insurance agent. 

After they learn more about your business, they’ll tell you what types of insurance you need to stay protected and what’s required by law. Most insurance companies offer free quotes and consultations, so you won’t need to pay anything until you’re ready. 

Your Industry

Your industry and what you do as a business are important factors to consider. Different industries have different associated risks and various legal requirements, as well. 

For example, a construction business is much riskier than a freelance web designer. So, the construction business needs more coverage for the different types of risks it faces. 

And while a professional service like web design needs professional liability insurance, a construction business may not. Furthermore, the construction business needs commercial auto but the web designer probably doesn’t. 

The good news is that most insurance companies offer industry-specific coverage packages that include everything you need. 

However, it’s important to realize that some may also include policies you don’t need. 

So, take advantage of those free quotes and consultations to ask questions and get a good idea of the specific types of insurance your business needs. You can even speak with several different companies and compare what they have to say. 

The Types of Coverage You Need

Depending on what types of coverage you need, you may be able to bundle coverage to get a better deal. 

But that means you have to get all of your policies through the same insurance company. 

You certainly don’t have to do this, but it’s a great way to save money and simplify the process. Most insurance companies also offer an online portal to manage your account. So, having it all in one place makes the process as easy as possible. 

After you know what insurance types you need, do some shopping to make sure your top considerations offer every policy you need. Then, get quotes from your top contenders to see which ones provide the most comprehensive coverage at the most affordable price. 

Customer Support

Business insurance is a confusing thing to navigate. So, customer support is critical. Your insurance agent should be timely, knowledgeable, and helpful. 

You need to feel comfortable calling them and talking openly with them about things going on in your business. And they should also be able to answer your questions and help you navigate the entire process. 

This is true whether you end up needing to talk to them frequently or not. 

An excellent way to judge this ahead of time is to give them a call or sit down with them in person to ask questions. Make a list of everything you want to know before the meeting so you don’t forget to ask anything. 

Pay attention to their patience level and how knowledgeable they seem. If you have any doubts, try speaking with a different agent or another company. 

The Hartford Logo

The Hartford

Best For Most

With more than 200+ years of experience and over one million customers under their belt, The Hartford offers essential business insurance packages for more than 20 industries.


The Hartford is our #1 recommendation for most business owners. They offer specialized coverage packages to suit most businesses. And the other recommendations on this list are great for more specific situations. 

However, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all insurance solution. 

It’s crucial to take the time to learn more about your state’s requirements and the recommended types of insurance, depending on what you do. Then, you can sit down with an insurance agent to ask questions and make sure you’re a good fit for each other. 

And don’t forget to use the methodology above as you go through the process of finding the best business insurance for you, your team, and your business. 

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