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Best WordPress Maintenance and Management Services Compared

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Much like your car, your website also needs maintenance so it can keep running smoothly. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to find the best WordPress maintenance and management services to help you take care of that need. After spending hours exploring a ton of different options as well as what each of them offers, we found some interesting picks. However, when it comes to the best one for most people, WP Buffs took the cake because of how affordable its plans are and its stellar customer support features.  

The Best WordPress Maintenance and Management Service for Most

WP Buffs

Best for Most

When we say WP Buffs does everything, we’re not kidding. For a comprehensive WordPress maintenance service, you don’t need to look any further.

WP Buffs does it all. We aren’t kidding when we say it offers just about anything you might need technical help with on your WordPress site. Best of all, their services span a variety of clients—it doesn’t matter if you’re a solopreneur, a full-blown digital agency, or a single website owner. 

If you need website management services for clients, WP Buffs offers premium around-the-clock support to your whole client base. However, if you need website management services for yourself, you can count on services that manage all the technical aspects of your website around the clock so you can concentrate on front-facing tasks and putting your best foot forward. You’ll have to read on below where we dive deeper into everything WP Buffs has to offer. 

The Best WordPress Maintenance and Management Services to Consider

  1. WP Buffs – Best for Most
  2. WP Tech Support – Best for emergency fixes
  3. SiteCare – Best for agencies and freelancers
  4. GoDaddy WP Premium Support – Best for GoDaddy users
  5. GoWP – Best for working with a dedicated developer

When It Makes Sense to Invest Into WordPress Maintenance and Management Services

Once your technical site issues and updates get to be too much to handle, it’s pretty safe to say it’s time to seriously consider WordPress maintenance and management services. 

However, there are other instances when it might be a sound decision to outsource WordPress maintenance and development services. If you’re a digital agency or freelancer that offers web services, having on-demand WordPress technical support in your corner can prove to be a true advantage. This is true whether you need support for your own sites, or you’d like to offer technical support to your clients as part of your client services. 

#1 – WP Buffs — The Best for Most

WP Buffs logo

WP Buffs

Best for Most

When we say WP Buffs does everything, we’re not kidding. For a comprehensive WordPress maintenance service, you don’t need to look any further.

WP Buffs is geared to be your business sidekick with its 24/7 website management and support services. It offers best-in-class website edits, emergency support, ongoing security, website backups, speed optimization, and weekly updates letting you in on what they’ve been working on for you.

Do you need small website edits? WP Buffs offers an unlimited content edits option which you can use to create edits like adding coupon codes to certain pages, landing page creation, CSS modifications that you might not know how to do yourself, changing images or text, or updating your shopping cart page. What’s more, it also offers custom development when you need it. 

WP Buffs has a lot of tiers and plans you can look through, so I recommend you look through its pricing page for a more detailed description of each offer. Below, we look at its basic plans for out-of-the-box WordPress management.

Maintain billed monthly – $67/month
Maintain billed yearly – $56/month

  • Weekly reports
  • Weekly plugin, theme, and core file updates
  • Emergency support
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring
  • Cloud backups (1x daily)
  • Google Analytics integration

Protect billed monthly – $147/month
Protect billed yearly – $123/month

  • Everything in the Maintain tier and unlimited 24/7 website edits
  • Security optimization
  • Cloud backups (2x daily)
  • iThemes Security Pro premium plugin

Perform billed monthly – $197/month
Purchase billed yearly – $164/month

  • Priority support
  • Speed optimization
  • WP Smush Pro premium plugin
  • Cloud backups (4x daily)
  • Mobile and tablet optimization
  • Complete malware removal

If you’re looking for a basic plan that takes care of things like core file updates, emergency support, uptime monitoring, and cloud backups, its Maintenance tier billed at $56 monthly if you go with a yearly plan can be a great place to start. 

Keep in mind WP Buffs also offers you the option of booking a discovery call, which can be helpful if you aren’t sure which plan to go with. 

Ready to get started with WP Buffs? Sign up here.

#2 – WP Tech Support — The Best for Emergency Fixes

WP Tech Support logo

WP Tech Support

Best for Emergencies

If you’re on top of your regular maintenance but need someone to call on in an emergency, WP Tech Support will be your go-to. Their one-time fix plans are perfect for emergency needs.

Need an emergency fix or two instead of a monthly WordPress maintenance plan? WP Tech Support can take care of that. Sometimes you can take care of most of the administrative and background maintenance tasks of your site. But every now and then you’ll invariably run into a problem or two that might not be in your wheelhouse. 

With WP Tech Support, you can log in to your customer portal to stay up to date on everything they do on your site throughout the month with detailed reporting. It also offers offsite backups so you never have to worry about losing all your content, 24/7 malware security, performance tune-ups to fix any slow loading pages, and unlimited fixes in case anything goes wrong. 

Though WP Tech Support has one-time emergency fix plans, it does also offer monthly maintenance memberships. Here’s how its prices pan out. 

Monthly plans:

  • Standard – $55 a month
  • Pro – $75 a month
  • Business – $99 a month
  • Advanced – $175 a month

Emergency Fix plans:

  • Emergency Fix – $75 per single issue fix
  • Malware Removal – $175 one-time fee
  • Site Optimization – $275 one-time fee
  • Performance Tune Up – $275 one-time fee

Each emergency plan is tailored to four main categories. If you have a single WordPress issue that you don’t know how to fix yourself, its Emergency Fix tier at $75 per issue can work best. If you need site optimization to help your site run faster and get rid of files and plugins that bloat it, you can opt for its Site Optimization tier at $275. 

Get started with WP Tech Support here.

#3 – SiteCare — The Best for Agencies and Freelancers

SiteCare logo


Best for Agencies

Personalized support and 24/7 monitoring make SiteCare a great option for freelancers and agencies. You can’t watch your site all the time, so let SiteCare do it for you.

Agencies and freelancers need expert WordPress help too. That’s where SiteCare comes in. SiteCare helps you take care of poor site speeds, website security, and any update notifications you may have.

SiteCare also offers customer support that includes phone support. Sometimes communicating through email can be a drag. Knowing you have someone you can jump on the phone with if anything were to go wrong can add peace of mind—especially when you think about all the background needs of your website as you run your business.

Another perk that adds peace of mind? SiteCare’s security features. It makes sure to monitor your site 24/7 and protects against malware, spam, and even brute force attacks. 

SiteCare offers you a ton of options according to what your WordPress needs are. For the sake of simplicity, here’s a look at their standard WordPress maintenance prices. For any other type of service, like emergency help or managed hosting, you’ll have to contact them for a personalized quote.

  • SiteCare Standard – Annual billing only, contact them for more information
  • SiteCare Plus – $299 a month
  • SiteCare Pro – $499 a month
  • SiteCare Premier – $1,200 a month

Its most popular SiteCare Pro tier is ideal for sites that have constant development needs. You can always visit the pricing page to look at each tier in detail, which is something we always recommend. 

Ready? Get started With SiteCare here. 

#4 – GoDaddy WP Premium Support — The Best for GoDaddy Users

GoDaddy logo

GoDaddy WP Premium Support

Best for GoDaddy Users

If you’re hosting your site with GoDaddy, WP Premium Support is already set up for you–and it won’t just maintain your WordPress site, it will optimize its speed, too.

Already using GoDaddy? Then you can probably integrate one of its WP Premium Support pricing plans into your WordPress strategy pretty seamlessly.  

Sometimes your site doesn’t do what you tell it to do. Your header is out of alignment, your footer isn’t displaying the menu you customized and on it goes. With WP Premium Support, you get access to a team of experts that can help you with any of this.

Better yet, they’re also there to help you optimize your site for speed, an important SEO factor no site can go without. What’s more, you also get access to theme maintenance services, administrative updates, website evaluations, and database management.

GoDaddy offers four pricing plans for WP Premium Support monthly credits:

  • Starter – 1 monthly credit for $49.99 a month
  • Basic – 3 monthly credits for $79.99 a month
  • Deluxe – 5 monthly credits for $99.99 a month
  • Ultimate – 10 monthly credits for $149.99 a month

WP Premium Support works on the basis for credits. For each task you need done, regardless of technical level or length of time, WP Premium Support charges you one credit. So here’s where you’ll need to take stock and think about the average amount of tasks you’ll need help with monthly. 

Its most popular Deluxe tier charges $99.99 a month for five credits total, which can be great for a small to medium website. Though keep in mind that unused credits don’t roll over. 

Get started with WP Premium Support here. 

#5 – GoWP — The Best for Working With A Dedicated Developer

GoWP logo


Best for Having a Developer

Sometimes you just want to talk to a person. GoWP gets this, offering dedicated developers to help maintain your WordPress site–and give you personalized support.

GoWP does not play games in terms of the services it offers for your WordPress site. Sure, it offers plenty of your basic WordPress maintenance services. But it also offers developer help if you’re a growing team in need of offering your own team as well as your customers more than the basics. 

What does that mean? For one, it means GoWP offers personalized help with technical tasks like third-party integrations, WordPress installation and setup, custom development and integrations, and even backup cloning and any migrations you might need to make. 

GoWP doesn’t skimp on its basic WordPress maintenance plans either. It offers plugin updates, security monitoring, and malware cleanup, and reliable backups you can count on in case something goes wrong. 

So, you can either choose to go with one of GoWP’s WordPress plans or combine it along with the Dedicated Developer package. Here’s a breakdown of each pricing tier: 

WordPress plans

  • Maintenance – $29 a month per site
  • Content Edits – $79 a month per site
  • Landing Page Builds – $1299 monthly

Dedicated Developer pricing

  • Dedicated Developer – Starting at $2299 monthly
  • Dedicated Project Manager – Starting from $1799 (coming soon)

If you’re looking to just go with one of GoWP’s maintenance plans, its middle Content Edits tier stands out to us the most. Why? Because it comes with a 24/7 team to take care of any requests whenever you need them. It also includes 90 days of off-site backups, daily security scans and malware cleanup, and even unlimited content edits. All for only $79 a month.

Now, if you’re interested in its developer plan, you’re looking at a higher price point, though you do get access to a developer that can help you with in-house needs as well as client needs if you’re an agency. 

Get started with GoWP here. 

Methodology for Choosing the Best WordPress Maintenance and Management Services

We admit, it can be hard to choose a WordPress maintenance service and feel like you’re making the optimal choice. One of the best things you can do before getting official with any service provider is to first take stock of both what consistently goes wrong with your site and what parts of your site maintenance are beyond your skill level. 

Once you do that you’ll have a better understanding of what your immediate WordPress maintenance needs are. For instance, if you’re a design agency and you need help maintaining your WordPress site and landing pages, you might want to outsource your maintenance needs to a WordPress service that offers a dedicated developer as part of their service offerings. 

Besides that, you’ll also want to take stock of what your budget constraints are since some maintenance plans, depending on what your needs are, can be pricier. Beyond that, here are a few things to consider when you’re making your final choice:

Effective Emergency Support

One of the perks of paying for WordPress management services is that you can have a bit more peace of mind if you ever run into an emergency you can’t fix on your own. Before you go with any service, consider how robust their emergency management services are. 

Depending on the plan you go with, some services offer unlimited emergency support while others only offer one or two emergency support instances a month. Some basic maintenance packages might not offer any emergency services at all. 

So while it might be a cheaper option, you’ll have to consider how you’ll handle emergencies in the future without a dedicated support service. In the end, it might end up costing you more to not pay for that feature. It really comes down to carefully weighing your options before making a final decision. 

Developers and Advanced Customization

Different WordPress sites will have different needs. So there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Often, certain service providers can include developer know-how in their plans as part of a more comprehensive package that includes advanced features and customization.

If this is something you’ll need, consider going with a service provider like GoWP. It offers both basic WordPress maintenance as well as a developer who can take care of backups, cloning, and migration, WooCommerce development, and custom third-party integrations. If your site isn’t in need of more robust developer services, then you’re better off with more affordable basic plans like the ones WP Buffs offers. 


Understandably, you can’t be standing by your site every single day of the week in case something goes south. But going with a maintenance plan that includes around-the-clock monitoring can make maintaining and growing your site that much easier. 

When shopping for WordPress maintenance services, consider a plan that includes comprehensive security features that’ll keep you in the know of what goes on with your site. For instance, GoWP includes a dashboard plugin with its maintenance plan. This way, once you log on to your WordPress dashboard, you can see everything that’s happening with your site at a glance.

WP Buffs logo

WP Buffs

Best for Most

When we say WP Buffs does everything, we’re not kidding. For a comprehensive WordPress maintenance service, you don’t need to look any further.


The best WordPress maintenance and management services for your site depend on what your unique needs are. For basic site maintenance and management that’s affordable consider going with a WP Buffs plan. 

If you’re an agency and need dedicated support as well as access to a dedicated developer you can try the services offered by GoWP. However, if you’re already a GoDaddy customer, using their WP Premium Support services can be a convenient option. Liked this guide? Make sure to bookmark it so you can refer to it later.

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