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World Health Organization Europe calls for better monitoring of European audiences

The World Health Organization said on Thursday that the host city of the Euro 2020 football game needs to better monitor the activities of spectators, including before they arrive and after they leave the stadium.

Catherine Smallwood, a senior emergency officer at the WHO European Office, was asked at a press conference about advice to face the rise in cases in London and St. Petersburg, saying: “We need more than just the stadium itself. “quarter final.

When asked whether the European Championships might become a “super communicator” event, Hans Kruger, WHO Regional Director for Europe, replied: “I hope not…but this cannot be excluded.”

Hundreds of cases were found among spectators participating in the European competition, including Scots returning from London, Finns returning from St. Petersburg, and carriers of the more contagious Delta variant in Copenhagen.

“What we need to focus on is around the stadium. How do people get there? Do they take a crowded bus convoy? Do they take individual measures when doing this?” Smallwood said.

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