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Big move, big moment! Bank financing for your new Bella Vita home!

BellaVita makes it easier to own your dream home!

Because it’s right in your pocket, BellaVita makes it easier to buy your own home with deep discounts and flexible payment terms, saving you tons of time on your next big move!

bank financing

Through bank financing, the down payment is very affordable, and there are additional big discounts for those who want to buy BellaVita Home.

The monthly amortization is very light due to discounts of up to Php 115,000 on the total linked price of bank financing.Other than that, unit k is move-in ready and nearly ready This is exactly what you are looking for.

Cash within 60 days

In terms of big discounts, you can enjoy up to 125,000 pesos under cash conditions.

Deferred cash within 5 months

Full payment is payable in five equal monthly installments. For buyers who prefer to purchase via deferred cash, BellaVita offers discounts of up to 110,000 pesos. This also applies to RFO, near RFO and non-RFO units.

The money you save on your next big move really matters! All this and more is what BellaVita offers to everyone, making owning their own home faster, easier and more stress-free. BellaVita’s Big Move Big Time promotion covers the following items:

Pollack, São Paulo, Pila, Leon, Liles, Cabanatuan East, Naga and Rosario

Valid until December 31, 2023

Use promo code BELLABIGTIME012 and visit Learn more details and complete promotion mechanics.

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