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Body Shaping Super Group

I have a super fun full body workout For you will leave you today Strong and sculptural!

This exercise consists of only six movements, combining aerobic exercise and strength to make it efficient and effective.

Remember, you don’t have to let me do everything in order to do it “right”-a “All or something” The mentality will take you farther and faster than “all or nothing”.

All or something is how we stay aligned, how we keep showing ourselves, and ultimately how we achieve our goals!

For this exercise, I suggest that you place some raised objects nearby, such as chairs, boxes, or stairs, and resistance objects, such as dumbbells, water bottles, or kettles.

Get ready to work with me!

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Body Shaping Super Group

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Equipment: weighted objects (water bottles, household items, dumbbells), elevated surfaces.
Form: Perform each action in accordance with the prescribed time and repeat, and repeat 3 rounds.

Super Group 1:

Action 1: Cross and stab knees (1:00)

  • Put your fist on your chin and keep your feet light and enter the fighter pose.
  • Make a punch with the left arm to the left, cross the body with the right arm and make a cross to the left, and then make another jab with the left hand.
  • When you return to the center, lift your right knee to your chest and squeeze your torso.
  • Repeat on the side and alternate back and forth within the specified time.
  • Optional: Hold a lighter object in your hand to increase the resistance to this action.

Action 2: Skull pulverizer (10) leg lift or knee lift (10)

  • Begin to lie on the ground, hold a heavy object in each hand, and place it straight above the chest, with the legs bent 90 degrees above the hips, and the calves parallel to the floor.
  • Bend your elbows and lower the weight to the top of your head until it is close to your ears, while keeping your upper arms perpendicular to your body.
  • Go back to your starting position and repeat. (Try not to lock your elbows in the starting position; instead, stop before the locked position to keep the muscles tense.)
  • After finishing all the representatives, put down the weight and return to the starting position on the ground.
  • By gently pressing the lower back into the floor, straighten your legs and engage the blueberry spine.
  • Tighten your core, slowly lower your legs to the floor, keeping the blueberry spine, and then pull your legs back.
  • Always put your hips on the floor to prevent your hips from swinging upwards.
  • MOD: Keep your legs bent when you raise your legs.

Bonus added: surfing pop-up window (0:30)

  • Starting from a high plank position, your core is engaged, and your shoulders are stacked on your hands.
  • Jump with your feet in front of your chest, then to the right, abduct your feet, and squat to the ground. Jump up and do a jump squat, then put your hands on the floor, then jump back to a high plank.
  • In the next repetition, jump with both feet to the chest and left side, and then repeat.
  • MOD: Perform this movement from an elevated surface, or step your foot to one side at a time, then stand up and squat instead of jumping.

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Super Group 2:

Action 1: Crescent kick, knee drive, cross punch (0:45 on each side)

  • Put your fist on your chin and keep your feet light and enter the fighter pose.
  • Use your left leg to cross your body and imagine that you are drawing a new moon with your feet (as long as you feel comfortable).
  • When you return to the center, lift your right knee to your chest and squeeze your torso.
  • Next, hit your body directly with your left and right arms, and gently rotate the back of your right foot to provide you with sufficient core support when you strike. When preparing to kick, squeeze your hands into soft fists and place them next to your face.
  • Repeat all repetitions on the same side, then switch.
  • MOD: Keep your knees bent and draw the crescent moon with your knees. This is a good way to see how tight your hips are and whether one is tighter than the other.
  • Optional: Hold a lighter object in your hand to increase the resistance to this action.
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Action 2: Prisoners squat down alternately with side knee tightening (0:45)

  • Starting from the position of kneeling on the mat, put your hands behind your head and straighten your chest.
  • Raise your right foot to stand, and when you raise your left foot, raise your knees to your left elbow to perform a side curl.
  • Return to kneeling position and repeat on the other side.
  • MOD: Grab an object to help you get up and down.

Action 3: The superwoman lifts up and rolls by alternating V (0:45)

  • Lie on your back with your arms and legs extended.
  • Use your lower back and buttocks to lift your legs and arms off the mat together.
  • Gently lower yourself and roll to the right to extend your arms and legs to end your back.
  • Gently press your lower back into the cushion to engage your core.
  • Using your abs, lift your left leg and chest off the mat, meet in the middle, and end in av sitting position.
  • Slowly put yourself back to the lying position, then repeat with your right leg.
  • Go back to your belly, repeat your superwoman, then scroll to the left, repeat alternating v ups.

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