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Brief supported by ESA – in the slum –

A glance at the map of Europe reveals that there is strangely no European Union in a corner called the Western Balkans.

Although Serbia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, and Bosnia and Herzegovina have pledged to join the group one day, they seem to be steadily moving away from the EU, rather than getting closer, every year.

A recent study by IAI—— Institute of International Affairs – Indicates that in the new seven-year budget, the amount of funds allocated under the EU’s Pre-Accession Assistance Instrument (IPA) has actually been reduced.

In addition, the trade deficit in the Western Balkans (EU companies active in the region repatriate profits) is greater than the amount of aid, which does not include the massive loss of human capital caused by immigration.

In addition, the gap between the rich and the poor between the region and its EU member countries Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, and Hungary is widening.

The additional EU funds for post-pandemic recovery will allow these EU countries to receive 11 times more funds per capita than the six Western Balkan countries.

In the Western Balkans, between 2021 and 2027, each state will receive 500 Euros per capita, while Croatia’s per capita income is about 5,100 Euros and Greece’s 5,700 Euros.

These figures speak for themselves. While advocating cohesion, the EU is also implementing ghettoization.

In this case, any promise to open the door to new members sounds hypocritical, because the goal post is moving and the distance from the elusive finish line is increasing.

An old joke that really explains the collapse of communism is: “They pretend to pay us and we pretend to work.” In the Western Balkans, people might say, “They pretend to want us to join, and we pretend to be ready.”

This situation seems to be in line with Serbia’s agenda. The local dictator does not want to join the European Union because his loyalty lies elsewhere.

It also plays geopolitical games in the hands of circles in several countries, from bringing foreign state actors to the region to assuming Border redraw And build Greater Albania.

You break it, you own it.

Instability in the Western Balkans may exceed that in the region. Under the leadership of President Joe Biden, the United States is unlikely to serve as a military police in the region again.

The EU does not have many options. Either it makes full use of its main tool-its soft power-or it needs to monitor the weaknesses of the African continent in a tough way.

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The Greek government announced plans to provide 150 euros to every young Greek vaccinated COVID-19 may be hit soon, Before the arrival of summer called it a “grateful gift.”

Planned investment French Recovery Plan A new study released by audit firm Deloitte shows that it is unlikely to be sufficient to achieve the digital transformation goals set by the European Commission for 2030. EURACTIV French report.

Increasing the number of Roma children receiving early childhood education by at least 50% is the core of the 10-year plan Roma Equality Project, The European Commission announced in March the inclusion and participation of the entire European Union.

The EU Digital COVID Certificate is a free tool that opens EU borders for citizens who have been vaccinated against COVID-19, recovered from it, or have recently tested negative. In this video interpreter, EURACTIV discussed how to set up a certificate to save the summer.

View our webinar video The Blue Economy in the Green Transition, To discuss European policies and initiatives for a sustainable blue economy, and how these initiatives can contribute to global efforts for sustainable ocean management.

Pay close attention, watch out, watch out…

  • Committee Vice Chairman Frans Timmermans delivered a keynote speech at events in the European Union and Morocco, opening discussions on green partnerships for energy, climate and environment
  • Vice Chairman Valdis Dombrovskis participated in the European Parliament to exchange views on the European Spring Semester Plan in conjunction with ECON-EMPL.

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[Edited by Josie Le Blond]

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