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Bohemian chic home decoration ideas to beautify your space

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to update your living room, bedroom or office space. By adding some new works and antique discoveries, you can create a comfortable new dream home in which you will enjoy spending time.Here are some styling ideas that can help you get Bohemian style home No need to spend a lot of money.

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How to make a bohemian chic home

  • plant – Whether you are pruning branches from your neighbors or buying your own branches in the nursery, plants can add a touch of color to your living room.If you work hard to make them look good, this Moisture meter It is a must for plants. I always use it to make sure I don’t overwater.
  • lace -For easy upgrade, add a little lace To your living room or outdoor space. Look for interesting accents on pillows and baskets. Taste There are also many design ideas and tutorials about lace wall art.
  • Pillow – Choose a color palette that suits your style and mix rich textures and neutral colors.
  • basket – I love Woven basket Because they are perfect for storing and keeping your clutter in order. They are also good plant supports.
  • Retro discovery – For the ultimate bohemian living room, add some interesting retro artwork, accents, or eclectic works you collected from your travels.
  • Accent carpet – Boost your space with bold colors, or choose neutral tones for a simpler atmosphere.

Ideas for a modern bohemian living room

Terracotta wall panels

Mason jar bathroom accessories

Moon phase wall hanging moon decoration

Lace pillowcase

Artificial pampas grass

Decorative therapy cushion stool

Arch wall decal decoration sticker

Hexagonal floating shelf

Hanging vase

Area carpet

Seaweed woven basket for plants

Hammock chair

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